WETHERSFIELD, Conn. (AP) _ The state Department of Labor says Connecticut’s unemployment rate dipped to 8.2 percent in December, the lowest figure since May 2009.

The agency released the December job figures Monday. The state’s unemployment rate was below the national rate of 8.5 percent.

The number of nonfarm jobs in the state increased by 600 in December, bringing total nonfarm employment to 1.6 million jobs. The largest job growth came in the trade, transportation and utilities sector, which added 2,500 jobs. The retail sector had the largest percentage growth, 1.1 percent, as it added 1,900 jobs during the holiday season. The manufacturing sector lost 1,500 jobs.

State officials say Connecticut has recovered about 29 percent of the 119,200 jobs that were lost during the recession that ran from March 2008 to January 2010.

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  1. Wolfman says:

    A lot of people people like me just gave up and fell off the unemployment rolls no wonder it droped

    1. LJS says:

      It is being reported as news. It is not news, it is political spin.

  2. LJS says:

    Funny how they revised downward the November jobs created to a net loss but left alone the percentage drop in the jobless rate. Is a 600 job addition big enough to move the rate two tenths of a percent? I think not. More politically expedient lying by political malpractitioners.

  3. LJS says:

    The numbers do not add up. Reporting this does a disservice to those of us struggling to find work. There is very little. Only 600 jobs added and the November numbers being revised down to reflect a net job LOSS- and yet they boast a concurrent decrease in the U3 rate It adds up- to a bold faced lie- only possible when it originates from an attitude of contempt for the people actually dealing with the issue. It is no less than a dereliction of duty to properly inform and worse on the part of politicians who trumpet it as a good thing. Outraged? I passed outrage long ago

  4. Libdumb says:

    Lies, all lies. Political, nothing more.

    1. LJS says:


      …and they revised upward the number of jobs lost in November to reflect a net LOSS of 1300 jobs- yet cling to the canard that unemployment fell by 0.3%. What bothers me is that NO ONE is calling them on such transparent BS. The administration is doing ZERO to make the state employment friendly or to stimulate the economy. they’re ramming down employers’ throats new mandates and soaking the taxpayers with record tax increases but their refusal to do any spending cuts is reflected in the fact that we are now in a deficit again… and after the downgrading of our credit rating a “plan” to increase pension funding without the numbers to explain it… and a “promise” not to raise taxes to accomplish that. We know how much worth there is in political promises.

      Bend over taxpayer because here it comes… perhaps the administration can raise money to buy a one way bus ticket out for all the long term unemployed… because there isn’t any work here. Our state government is doing all thy can to see to that.

      Can we have a recall election? Please????

      1. Libdumb says:

        Very good detailed analysis. Isn’t it amazing that these Politicians never address the People in their Communities about these Statistics or their promises. They have learned that the People are powerless especially with the Media defending them on every issue.

      2. LJS says:

        I think to fully understand what the media’s true role is here we need to abandon the premise that their job is to actually inform. To leave such transparent contradiction out there speaks of exactly how little regard that both those in charge of policy and those responsible for reporting it have for regular folks. Who’s calling them on it publicly? No one. those lucky enough not to be directly affected by joblessness just take the “information” at face value and assume that it’s easy to land work when the true cause of the statistical shift illustrates just the opposite.

        There’s a reason that hold times for the DoL are in excess of an hour and it isn’t because their tied up calling caterers for the employee picnic. I see a governor and legislature demonstrating just how concerned they AREN’T for the well being of the citizenry and a news media cheer leading them.

        The promises are just tools of manipulation to get votes. Otherwise our job is to shut up and pay our taxes like good little sheep.

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