CONCORD, N.H. (CBS Hartford) — A controversial conservative activist could face jail time in New Hampshire for an Election Day stunt.

Footage recently released by Project Veritas, an organization headed by James O’Keefe, shows several people collecting ballots using the names of the recently deceased.

The video — billed as the “Primary Of The Living Dead” on the Project Veritas website — was filmed with hidden cameras and shows a series of fake voters claiming to be a deceased person. These voters asked if ID was necessary when they were handed a ballot.

When the poll workers stated that IDs are not needed to vote, the voters handed back the ballot, told them that they will get their ID, and walked out.

Throughout the video, the names of the deceased are superimposed, along with the party affiliation, date of birth, and the day they died.

“We first became aware of it on Election Day from some polling places,” Richard Head, New Hampshire’s associate attorney general, told CBS Connecticut. “We are in the process of conducting an investigation.”

Rachel Groux, whose husband died shortly before the N.H. primary, told the Boston Herald it was “awful” that her husband’s identity was used.

“Why should they use his name? They shouldn’t use anybody’s name — alive or deceased,” she told the Herald.

O’Keefe said no family members of the deceased reached out to Project Veritas, but stated he “did send a note to Rachel Groux giving my condolences.”

O’Keefe stands by the video and states that the N.H. State Senate is re-introducing a voter ID bill.

Last summer, the state Senate approved a bill that would have required voters to present a photo ID in order to vote, but it was vetoed by Gov. John Lynch. A newly introduced voter ID bill is up for a vote later this month.

O’Keefe told CBS Connecticut that Gov. Lynch now “hopes that we are prosecuted because we embarrassed him.”

O’Keefe is most famous for his 2009 sting on the community group ACORN where he presented himself as a pimp and his associate Hannah Giles as a prostitute. He also faced charges in 2010 for attempting to wiretap Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office.

O’Keefe plans to release more footage of theNew Hampshireelection on the Project Veritas website. As for when, he told CBS Connecticut to “stay tuned.”

Comments (2)
  1. Mad MaxtaxstateCT says:

    NH Governor Lynch should be subjected to a recall vote. Voters who value their ONE vote should chip in to pay a part of O’Keefe’s legal bill if the Gov prosecutes him for showing him up, and exposing the corrupt NH voting process.

  2. wade henry says:

    So whats next govenor?are you gonna also imprison the legislature for exposing the judicial fraud you are also allowing in your state?You would be wise to abandone ship before you stir up the entire hornets nest

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