Hartford Police say they’ve identified a shooting victim as a Hartford man.  21-year-old Charles French died shortly after arriving at a hospital,  after he was found shot in the head in front of  366 laurel Street.

It’s the city’s 23rd homicide this year,  one more than at this time last year.

  1. Johanna Ledbetter says:

    R.I.P Chucke, he was such a good person. Its sad that people have so little regard for life. Chucke was a son, a brother, a friend and he was needlessly killed because somebody decided to rob him. He was in school and worked a full-time job at Hartford Hospital. He was not a gang-banger or into the street life. He was a wonderful person and was shot even after he gave eveything he had on him. What a sad sad sad world we live in. He will be missed dearly…R.I.P Chucke

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