COLEBROOK, Conn. (AP) _ Authorities say a man who was participating in field-dog training at a Connecticut gun club has been fatally shot.

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection spokesman Dwayne Gardner says the 65-year-old man from Litchfield was shot Sunday afternoon in Colebrook and pronounced dead at a hospital. Gardner says the man was being trained at the Harwinton Rod & Gun Club when the shooting occurred.

DEEP is leading the investigation.

Gardner said that hunting and the discharge of firearms are not allowed on Sundays in Connecticut. He says the DEEP issues special permits to facilities that allows dog trials on Sunday, along with discharge of firearms. Gardner says part of the investigation will be to determine if the facility had an appropriate permit.

Colebrook is located about 25 miles northwest of Hartford.

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Comments (7)
  1. Craig says:

    Excuse me WTIC, if a hunter was killed in a “field training exercise, why do you show a picture of hand guns and assault rifles? A kid gets killed in an inner city shooting, you show pictures of police cars and crime scene tape. Not to mention nobody hunts with either a hand gun or AR-15!

  2. Meg Walsh says:

    Good question above poster!

  3. Meg Walsh says:

    It is not hunting. The Club has a perfectly legal permit for trials and training which are issued to properly permitted Clubs. It is private property not a public hunting area. That is why we create and use private land when we can. We pay huge fees, must attend proper safety courses and are heavily regulated.

  4. WTIC News says:

    Thank you to the posters. The case originally came in as a report of a hunting accident, but we should have changed the headline when more details were available. And we have taken down the photograph.
    WTIC News

  5. Carol says:

    The liberal media LOVES to take a story like this and twist it to their bend!!!! ANY shooting mishap/accident will take on a life of it’s own thanks to our illustrious, bias mainstream media…. what we all need to do is join with the NRA and attempt to head off all these lies….. anyway, that’s my opinion…. Carol

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