As State Police continue their investigation of a sexual assault of a woman who  was stopped by a bogus policeman in Naugatuck last week,  they’ve released an artist’s rendering of what the suspect looks like.

Police say a woman driving near Gorman and Lewis Streets in Naugatuck  was stopped by a Ford Crown Victoria around noon last Wednesday.  The driver was described as wearing dark navy blue pants, a navy blue polo shirt which said “Naugatuck Police,”  and a utility belt with what appeared to be handcuffs.

He is white, about six-feet to six-two, of average build, with blond curly hair,  late twenties to early thirties,  and a bulbous nose.

When she left the car, she was sexually assaulted by the bogus policeman. Naugatuck police say the vehicle is not part of their fleet,  and the man’s description does not fit anyone on the force.

State police are asking to hear from anyone who may have encountered the suspect or the vehicle at any location.


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