First District Congressman John Larson says it’s been frustrating for him, and says he’s sure it’s frustrating for the American people, to see the stalemate in Washington over the debt ceiling.  Larson spoke with WTIC’s Joe D’Ambrosio Monday on the afternoon “State and Church” program.

Click here to hear the interview.


Comments (2)
  1. HG says:

    Congressman John Larson needs a reality check. 66% of the American people want congress to spend less. One of the reasons we are in this mess is the fact that Congressman Larson has spent too much of out money. Where the “Budget” Larson that you did not do last year. Give us a break give up the tax and spend we the people want to keep our money. You are the problem.

  2. Libdumb says:

    Shut down both the Gvt and people like Larson.

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