Several hundred Trinity College students rallied today to show unity in the face of several racially motivated incidents on campus recently.

Freshman Olivia Berry says Trinity is a great campus, but racial incidents need to stop.

“This campus has hate.  We are at one of the best institutions in the country, but to me it is pathetic that these things are even going on,”  Berry said.  “We are going to be the leaders of this country some day, hopefully.  It is just disgusting to me.”

The latest problem occurred on Friday when a student had a beer can thrown at him and was called a racial slur.

Its the third such incident in the past six weeks.   In other cases, offensive slurs were left on two dorm room doors.

Students and some staff wearing black clothes with green ribbons gathered outside Mather Hall.

They called for a zero tolerance policy, and said they want students who commit racist acts tossed out of school.

After the gathering, Dean of Students Fred Alford refused to discuss the details of the incidents, but he said the rally is “clear evidence that a significant part of this campus is in support of the ideas expressed today.”

“We are pleased to see members of this community speaking up and speaking out against things they think are wrong.  That is part of what we teach,” Alford said.

He said he wanted to talk to students, to determine what sort of zero tolerance policy they want.


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