Two people escaped a building collapse in Killingly today.

A former church on Route 101 came down about 10 am in the Dayville part of town.

Google Maps shows the building as it was before it fell.

The structure is currently used as a real estate office.

Firefighters say two women in the basement heard noises, and got out of the old, white building before it collapsed.

The front of the building remained standing, with its red door and large colums intact.

Other parts of the building at 485 Hartford Pike were reduced to piles of wooden boards.

“It’s an old building, it was built in 1849,”  said Killingly Historical Society President Lynn LaBerge.  “You always hate to see something happen to an historic building.”

LaBerge said her grandparents had been married in the church.

Firefighters say because the building was a former church with a large open space inside, there was relatively little support for the center of the roof.

The weight of snow collapsed the roof, and pushed most of the walls out.


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