At Stratford’s Shakespeare Theater, a statue depicting a poet has been vandalized.

Town Arts Commission Chair Sibley Law says somebody sawed off one of the legs of a sculpted stool on which the poet rested.

“It’s very sad.  Many people who care a great deal about the theater are heartbroken that somebody would steal part of and mar an important piece of public art associated with the theater,” Sibley said.

“It’s been on the grounds of the Shakespeare Theater for a very long time, so it has cultural and historical significance,” Sibley said.

Sibley says The Poet sculpture is part of an incredible view of Long Island Sound.

The statue is made of bronze.  Sibley said it does not necessarily depict Shakespeare.

Although it was hollow, the chair leg was about a foot thick.  It appeared to have been sawed through.

The vandalism may have happened during the day on Christmas Eve.


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