Volunteers turned out by the hundreds to remove trash and debris that threaten the ecosystem on the Connecticut coastline.

They pitched in at 40 beaches and waterways in the state Saturday, part of a worldwide effort this weekend known as the “International Coastal Cleanup.” The Connecticut Fund for the Environment’s Save the Sound program organizes Connecticut’s involvement.

“Volunteers are not only picking up trash and removing from the beaches, but we’re also recording what we’re finding today, and that’s very important,” says volunteer coordinator Kierran Broatch. “We compile all this trash and we send it to the Ocean Conservancy, who organizes the International Coastal Cleanup. They release a report each year, and it gives us an idea of how much we’re finding on our shorelines and where it’s coming from.”

The effort continues on a smaller scale Sunday in Norwalk and Westport. But Save the Sound organizes coastal cleanups year-round. To learn more, go to www.savethesound.org.

  1. Jeff says:

    That’s a commendable effort I would like to thank all who took part.

  2. old timer says:

    Great job by the volunteers, but isn’t it a shame that the slobs who are responsible for the mess get away with it year after year?

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