Top Ceramics Classes For Adults In Connecticut

December 30, 2013 8:00 AM

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Without ceramics, civilization would not have been possible. The creation of functional storage ware from globs of clay spinning on a potter’s wheel changed the world, first as something to put grain, beer, wine and everything else in, and then as an art form – as a medium for sculptors and painters as well as potters to express themselves. Here are just five places in Connecticut where budding potters can learn this ancient and inspiring technique.

Funkware Pottery
6 E. Main St.
North Canaan, CT 06018
(860) 933-1101

Joey Sage Jablonski loves to get her hands wet and dirty by working with clay, as she has done every day for at least 20 years. Her wares can been seen (and purchased) at her new pottery store in North Canaan, up in the very northwest corner at the “gateway to the Berkshires.” There, in what Jablonski calls a “gigantic studio,” she makes her creations and holds classes where she teaches others how to throw pots and bowls, and sculpt works of art and whimsy (most of which are also functional). Visitors are welcome to come and “see what it’s about,” shop and sign up for classes – although it may take a good deal of practice before they create something as delightful as her signature Frog Mug.

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Lakeside Pottery
543 Newfield Ave.
Stamford, CT 06905
(203) 323-2222

Aspiring potters of all ages can take classes, participate in workshops or even receive private lessons at Lakeside Pottery in Stamford.  From after school and summer camp programs for children to corporate team building and teacher development courses, Lakeside Pottery offers a wide variety of classes and services, including repairing and restoring a family’s ceramic treasures. It also teaches tile making, glass beading, mosaic work and other related arts, and takes on commissions to design and produce custom work.

Canton Clay Works
150 Cherry Brook Road
Canton, CT 06019
(860) 693-1000

Classes at Canton Clay Works are kept small intentionally “so that all students have the opportunity to grow and learn in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere,” proclaims owner and artist Tim Scull. He teaches a variety of firing techniques, from crystalline and cone to raku and wood firing, and holds several types of classes and workshops. Scull is passionate about his craft, and believes that people work best together – so much so that he even offers discounts for students who bring a friend to enroll with them.

Expressions Pottery Workshop
9 School St.
East Granby, CT 06026
(860) 844-0138

A store, a gallery, a studio and a classroom – that is what Expressions Pottery Workshop is to its members, for this is a co-op founded by 25 artists just over 40 years ago in East Granby. It has since grown, and in addition to showcasing the work of recognized as well as new talents in the ceramic arts, encourages, coaches and teaches new and intermediate-level students. Expressions is unique in that it also offers students “24/7 access” to the studio for practice. Those interested can come and view potters at work, sign up for classes or rent space to continue their own work.

Paint Me Picasso
201 Evergreen Way, Suite 249
South Windsor, CT  06074
(860) 648-1688

Not everyone has the patience or talent for pottery; it can be maddening when the bowls come out all misshapen or the mugs just won’t stand up right. Fortunately, Paint Me Picasso in South Windsor has found a way to help frustrated potters express themselves. A “do-it-yourself pottery painting studio,” it provides the pottery and coaches the student on how to decorate it. The studio is fully stocked with over 100 models of plates, platters, frames, figurines and other pieces suitable for table or mantle.Paint Me Picasso provides the paints, brushes, sponges, stencils and other tools to help people let their creativity flow onto the pottery – and perhaps inspire them to go back to the wheel to make their own ceramic art.

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