Guide To Lake Compounce

May 24, 2014 8:00 AM

Lake Compounce Entrance

Photo Credit: Kim McNeill

Lake Compounce has everything you need in an amusement park. Thrill seekers love the roller coasters and rides. Visitors can cool off at the water park and catch some rays. There are even rides tailored to children and families. Choose to stay overnight at the campground, at a local hotel or drive home after a fun-filled day in Bristol, CT.
Lake Compounce
822 Lake Ave.
Bristol, CT 06489
(860) 583-3300
Crocodile Cove

A highlight of Lake Compounce is the water park, Crocodile Cove. The Cove provides a variety of water rides and attractions to keep you and your family entertained for the whole day. If you’re looking to relax, opt for the Croc-O-Nile lazy river or jump into the water at Bayou Bay and wave pool. Action-packed activities include the Clipper Cove slides and 300-gallon water bucket, large rafts at Mammoth Falls and tunnel slides. Challenge your friends to a race at Riptide Racer featuring four slides side by side.

Roller Coasters

The two most popular rides at Lake Compounce are roller coasters. You can’t miss the large green and yellow roller coaster, the Zoomerang. Strap in for a thrill ride reaching speeds of 45 miles per hour and its biggest drop of 125 feet. The height requirement is 48 inches. As you enter the park, you are welcomed with the screams and yells from the Boulder Dash. It is Lake Compounce’s famed wooden roller coaster. It was named the best wooden roller coaster in the world for 2013 by Amusement Today. Don’t leave the park without getting the thrill of these two rides.

Kiddie Rides

Visitors of all ages can enjoy a fun-filled day at Lake Compounce. Catering to the younger crowd, the kiddie rides are designed to accomodate smaller children. Children will feel like the adults by riding the caterpillar train, flying elephants, mini pirate ship and kiddie roller coaster. Spin round and round in the drum circus seats. Adults can ride with their children on two carousels located in the park. Bumper cars are also available as part of your entry fee.

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This amusement park is so fun that you’re likely to spend your entire day here. That also means you are likely to work up a hungry stomach. A variety of food options are available throughout park. Meals can be chosen from hot dots at Pink’s, Johnny Rockets, LaFiesta and Potato Patch. Also consider the diner, pizza spots, cafeteria and BBQ. Fill your sweet tooth cravings and stay cool by eating at Dippin’ Dots or the Italian ice cart.

Bear Creek Campground

Brand new this year is the Bear Creek Campground at Lake Compounce, allowing you to spend multiple days or a whole weekend at the park. The campground features availability for tents, RVs, tipis and cabins. Entrance to the amusement park is in walking distance and campers get a $9 discount off of a single-day admission ticket. Accommodations include a laundry room, general store and a 24-hour restroom and showers. Additional features include picnic tables, fire pits, daily family-friendly activities and pets permitted on a leash. Camping will be restricted to July 1st through September 6th this 2014 season. Camping fees are cheaper during the weekdays. Tents can accommodate a maximum of six people at a price of $45 or $50 per night, depending on the day. RVs have a maximum of eight people for $60 or $70 per night. Tipis are a maximum of six people with a price of $90 or $100 per night. Cabin rentals with a maximum of six people, or up to 10 for an additional price, will cost $150 or $175 per night. Reservations can be made online, or call for more information.

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