Four Ways to Keep Romance Alive Mid-Week in Connecticut

February 9, 2012 9:00 AM

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By Dani Frank

Working for the weekend will give you the motivation to push through to Friday, but a mid-week treat can’t hurt either. A reward for working a double shift or getting positive feedback on a recent project deserves a celebration, too, so why not hit the town on “Hump Day” with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Grab your loved one and head out on one of these mid-week dates, for some much-needed romance, relaxation and a reminder that you are only a few days away from freedom.
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Petit Fours and a Piping Hot Mug

133 Washington Street
South Norwalk, CT

Head to a bar that will give you some buzz, minus the booze, on your date and visit a nearby coffee bar or tea room. Seated in a cozy booth sharing some chamomile or oolong, you’ll warm up from the frosty weather. Unlike a weekend date at the local watering hole, you’ll be focused on your significant other, won’t be dealing with anyone under the influence (of anything stronger than a Sumatran blend) and it will be the perfect follow-up to a dinner date. Trendy South Norwalk’s Caffeine offers some delicious and dainty truffles to accompany your cup.

Las Vetas Lounge in Fairfield has an array of exciting drinks, and desserts best shared for their size.

brucemuseum Four Ways to Keep Romance Alive Mid Week in Connecticut

Tap into an Artistic Side

Bruce Museum
1 Museum Drive
Greenwich, CT

Visit Connecticut’s impressive collection of museums and galleries, and admire paintings, contemporary and classic, sculpture, historic artifacts and more at. Tour the exhibit together, bonding over a shared appreciation for certain pieces and leave with a feeling of accomplishment. Best of all, mid-week rates are much more affordable than weekend rates. Can you beat a free visit to Greenwich’s Bruce Museum on any given Tuesday?

Or, stop in on the first Thursday of the month, and enjoy the Wadsworth Atheneum’s contemporary art for an extra three hours, with a revised closing time of 8 pm in Hartford.

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Unwind with a glass of wine

63 Memorial Road
West Hartford, CT 06107

Find a new favorite wine at one of Connecticut’s many restaurants and wine bars. A dinner of small tapas-style meals and glass of vino will have conversation flowing as freely as the wine. Imbibing in a glass of red with dinner is great for your heart and your mind, letting you forget about the week’s frustrations and keep your eyes on the prize: the weekend. Clink glasses at West Hartford’s award-winning Uncorked Wine Restaurant & Bar. Savor some charcuterie and artisanal cheese and forget all about the 8 am wake up awaiting you.

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Rewind with a classic film

Community Film Institute
1424 Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

Relaxing in a red velvet seat in an elegant, old-world theatre puts a spin on the standard of a movie date. Connecticut’s selection of historic theatres is plentiful, and they are a great, affordable option for a night out. While a trip to the theatre can easily reach $10 to catch a new release, a night out at Fairfield’s Community Theatre is only $5 and shows an assortment of oldies but goodies. From Clark Gable to Indiana Jones, you and your date can enjoy a nostalgic night out in the stately setting of the historic Community Theatre.

Where is your favorite mid-week date spot?

Dani Frank is a fashion, travel and culture enthusiast and writer living in Easton, Connecticut. A recent graduate of Hofstra University, she is most happy when traversing the East Coast and beyond and documenting it all for curious readers. Read her further work at

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