DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jeff At Quinnipiac University

June 18, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr hartford DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jeff At Quinnipiac University

“It’s really, really good in snow.”

The Ride
The Driver: Jeff
Car in Question: 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
Spotted at: Quinnipiac University, 275 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518
Odometer: 67,931
Car’s Nickname: Gentle Giant


Q: I love the Cruiser. Looks like you have a pretty serious sound system in there. Is that normal for Cruisers?

A: It’s really the stock system, but, yeah, it sounds pretty good. It only goes to 18,000, because I measured it!

Q: What was the last album you listened to in this car?

A: Steven Wilson Porcupine Tree, the newest one. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Steven Wilson is remixing King Crimson. Fripp [Robert Fripp: King Crimon’s original guitar player] is on Steven Wilson’s label!

Q: I’ll check him out. I see you drive a stick. Have you always driven one?

A: Yes, I’ve always driven a stick. When you upshift or downshift, you do it where you want to do it. It’s really, really good in snow, but when I first purchased it, I thought that with six speeds that it would be really good on gas. It’s like 16 miles to the gallon, which is OK. My Jeep before this was the same.

Q: We’re currently at Quinnipiac University. What is its significance to you?

A: I went to film school the past two years here. Even when I was in Jasper Wrath, we had a light show. We had nine ectographic slide projectors. I shot most of the slides we used during the light show. I was always concerned with the visual part going with the music. Then in the mid ‘90s, I was with my dad and we went to a couple of cool places. We went to Istanbul. We went to Jerusalem. We went to Cairo, Egypt, saw the pyramids and I took my camera on all these shoots. I was always into cataloguing cool looking visuals, so when I heard that Quinnipiac was having a film school and when I found out the credits of some of the teachers were major filmmakers I said, this isn’t just gonna’ be some teacher. These people have done it. It’s 30 days, eight hours a day. I said, I’m gonna’ do it. It was great.

Q: What kind of film or music projects are you working on at the moment?

A: The last one I did was with a band called House of Lords. This was two months ago. I was trying to get permission to shoot at Yale and that didn’t work out. I found this place in Norwalk called the Lockwood Matthews Mansion. They had shot Stepford Wives there with 20th Century and Dark Shadows, which was a TV show. I had to take out a million dollar policy for the day, went in there, shot for eight hours, and it’s on YouTube now. It’s called “Someday” by House of Lords. Got about 25,000 hits in about a month, so it’s a nice video and it’s a very powerful band.

Photos and interview by Benjamin Shanbrom

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