DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ashley At Crossroads Plaza

May 7, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr connecticut DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ashley At Crossroads Plaza

“I’m going to keep going with it until it can’t go any further!”

The Ride
The Driver: Ashley
Car in Question: 2002 Chevy Cavalier
Spotted at: Crossroads Plaza, West Hartford, CT 06117
Odometer: 147,398


Q: Hi Ashley! Let’s start with the basics. What are you using your car for?

A: Transportation to school and to take rides.

Q: How far is your commute?

A: About a half hour each way. If I’m toddling, it can take all day.

Q: Do you have a favorite day trip that you take in your car?

A: Ikea in New Haven. It’s a solid day trip from where I live in Massachusetts.

Q: Where’s the farthest place you’ve driven in your car?

A: Vermont, up by the border.

Q: Where’s the craziest place you’ve driven in your car?

A: Crazy? Ha. I don’t think I’ve done anything strange.

Q: Do you have any rules in your car?

A: No. If it gets dirty, I eventually get around to cleaning it.

Q: What do you listen to when you drive?

A: Usually the radio. Usually just top 20. But I get irritated, so I put in CDs from the late ‘60s early ‘70s-ish bands.

Q: If your car had a theme song, what would it be?

A: I don’t know. It’s a happy car. Right now it’s kind of upset because I need to put new struts on it.

Q: How did you go about getting this car?

A: It was a gift from my parents for finishing my undergraduate studies at Clark.

Q: Congrats! What do you think your next car realistically will be?

A: Realistically? I have no idea because I’m going to keep going with it until it can’t go any further. I’d probably want something with good highway mileage to get to work and whatnot.

Photos and interview by Jenna Grzeslo

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