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Tale of the tape


  1. St. Louis Rams v Dallas Cowboys AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
    Tale Of Two Teams: The Fantasy Football Legend Vs. The Fantasy Football Basement Dweller

    Fantasy Football can be, well, a nightmare. Players turn out to be total flops, coaches bench your starting QB, and everyones ribs are broken by Week 14. With Fantasy Football playoffs underway this week, we’ve […]

  2. Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans New England Patriots v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLVI
  4. Carolina Panthers v New York Jets Jacksonville Jaguars v Carolina Panthers
  5. Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles (credit: Kevin Casey/Getty Images)
    Battle Of The [Potentially] Unemployed: Andy Reid Vs. Rex Ryan

    Andy Reid and Rex Ryan have found themselves sitting in the hot seat due to their teams’ lackluster performances thusfar (3-8 & 4-7, respectively). By regular season’s end, these head coaches could be looking for a new place to exercise their talents.

  6. New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Indianapolis Colts v Washington Redskins