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Tale of the tape


  1. New England Patriots v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carolina Panthers v New York Jets
    Week 12: New England Patriots At New York Jets
  2. Super Bowl XLVI Green Bay Packers v San Diego Chargers
  3. St Louis Rams v San Francisco 49ers 104503406
    Tale Of The Tape: Football Tie Vs. Necktie As A Holiday Gift

    As many of you saw, the San Francisco 49ers tied the St. Louis Rams this weekend, which was awful because ties are boring and stupid. After all that buildup, all we got was the blandest outcome imaginable. Kind of like getting a necktie as a holiday present. So what’s the bigger letdown, a tie, or a tie?

  4. Carolina Panthers v New York Jets St. Louis Rams v New York Giants
  5. Carolina Panthers v New York Jets Seattle Seahawks v Kansas City Chiefs
  6. Super Bowl XLVI Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals