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ESPN Suing Verizon For Allegedly Unbundling Channel From Main Programming

ESPN is suing Verizon in an escalating clash over how the popular sports channel is being sold in a discounted pay-TV package.


guy on cell phone

Middlebury Church Deal For Steeple Falls Through

A deal to install a hidden cellular tower in a Middlebury church steeple has fallen through.


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Property Owner Charged With Trapping Phone Man In Airtight Vault In Parking Dispute

he owner of a Massachusetts self-storage company is facing charges for allegedly trapping a Verizon worker in an airtight underground vault because he was livid the worker had parked on his grass.


Radio Shack holdups

Arrests In String Of Holdups

Authorities say they’ve made several arrests in a multi-jurisdictional investigation of a series of Radio Shack robberies around the state