Coventry Man Pleads Guilty In Steroids Distribution CaseAuthorities say a Coventry man has pleaded guilty to his role in a steroids distribution operation.
Another Guilty Plea In Steroid Distribution ConspiracyOperation involved about a dozen people
Newtown Dispatcher Sentenced In Steroid CaseIn Hartford Federal Court today, a Newtown Police dispatcher pleaded guilty to taking part in an illegal steroid distribution ring.
Steroid Ring Busted UpFairfield police have arrested two men in an illegal steroid and human growth hormone bust.
A-Rod Grievance Hearing Concludes
A-Rod Hearing Resumes Without the Accused
A-Rod Walks
A-Rod Suspension Hearing Resumes
Keidel: The End Of MLB InnocenceThe PED crucible, which we hoped would be microscopic by now, just won't go away. It's turned into a twisted game show of "Name That Cheat."
Keidel: All Eyes On A-Rod And Home Debut At Yankee Stadium TonightThe eyes of America are indeed on the Bronx these days where a certain slugger will make his home debut tonight at Yankee Stadium.
Witnesses Testify To Roger Clemens' Work Ethic At the Roger Clemens perjury trial, defense witnesses praised Clemens' work ethic, which defense lawyers have also been stressing as an explanation for his success. The prosecution says Clemens was able to pitch into his mid-40s because of performance-enhancing drugs.
With Trial Five Weeks Old, Judge Imposes Time Limit On Clemens Trial WitnessesThe judge in the Roger Clemens perjury trial is imposing a time limit on all future witnesses in an effort to speed things up.

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