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City Of Berkeley Takes College To Court Over Expansion Plans

Everything Ray: Cal Berkeley

The University Of California/Berkeley has been thought for generations as a haven for leftists, even Marxists. That may be changed if a handful of sensitive students have their way.


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Everything Ray: The Golden Age of Microaggression

Alan Dershowitz and Harvey Silvergate co-authored a book recently entitled “3 Felonies A Day” which observed that, due to the ever increasing number of laws and regulations added to the U.S.Code, it was quite possible […]


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Everything Ray: Bipartisanship!

Want to know why Elizabeth Warren gets support for her war against the 1%? Check out these two links about the annual meeting of the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent taking place in Switzerland.


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Everything Ray: SOTU

You’ll be pleased to know that things are going along swimmingly.


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Everything Ray: We Have Stopped Making Sense

Way back in 1984, Talking Heads were featured in a Johnathan Demme documentary, Stop Making Sense. 30 some years later, we have.


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Everything Ray: Food Justice

You and I are finding it increasingly difficult to tell the army of bureaucrats infected with mission creep to “back off and let us finish our waffles”.


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Everything Ray: Time For A Reality Check

Time for a reality check.


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Everything Ray: Smart People! Is There Nothing They Can’t Do?

New developments in the “war on childhood obesity”.


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Everything Ray: On To The Tough Issues

Now that all of the challenges facing Connecticut have been overcome, our Legislators can tackle the tough issues. Like plastic bags.


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Everything Ray: A High-Speed Rail Trip To Crazy Town

Today, a high-speed rail trip to crazy town.