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On To The Tough Issues

Now that all of the challenges facing Connecticut have been overcome, our Legislators can tackle the tough issues. Like plastic bags.


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A High-Speed Rail Trip To Crazy Town

Today, a high-speed rail trip to crazy town.


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Wednesday Thoughts

Yesterday, I linked to a piece in the Washington Post which asked a number of cutting-edge feminists what they hoped to see occurring in the coming year, 2015. It was obvious that the respondents were completely attuned to the hopes and dreams of their middle-class and working-class sisters.


2011 New Year's Eve In Times Square

New Year Wishes

The professoriate is waking up to reality.


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The NEW Kid’s Birthday Parties!

So my guess is you took two weeks off to escape the eternal news cycle and enjoyed a bit of peace and tranquility of the season. But fear not, the beat goes on. And in some cases, badly.



It’s Social Justice, You See

During the Vietnam War, college students across the country were invited to participate in a “student strike”. Instead of attending class, participants would take part in protest marches, and “workshops” to discuss the injustices being […]


Top Christmas Presents For 2013 Revealed

Before You Shop For That Child On Your List

Maybe 10 years ago (it could be more- time flies) my youngest son Pete wanted some toy soldiers. You know, the green plastic figures that have been a favorite of young boys for decades I […]


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Thursday Ramblings

So before I surrender myself to the joys of the Holiday Season, let me post a few items.


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OK, Now It’s Getting Ridiculous

In protest of the recent deaths of two black males at the hands of the police, “die-ins” are being held across the country in protest.


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I Hope He Speaks Slowly And Doesn’t Use Hard Words

Since Jonathan Gruber, super genius, is scheduled to testify before a Congressional committee today, here are some new developments as Obamacare continues to be better and better.





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