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A Request

We begin todays post with a request: CAN WE STOP USING THE PHRASE “BOOTS ON THE GROUND”? A quick Google search returned over 6 million hits. It’s getting old. And besides, if there are “boots […]


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This Is Depressing

Well this is depressing.  A CBS poll reveals that a majority of Americans now believe that human CO2 emissions are at least a factor in global warming. Oh wait! The UN, which is gathering to […]


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The Battle For Hearts And Minds

The battle for hearts and minds continues. And this weekend in New York City, a collection of multi-millionaires, unoccupied Occupy Wall Streeters, and those who keep the 60’s alive gathered to save the Earth and promote socialism.



Important Tacos In History….And More

Here’s our Friday news roundup, now with more links.


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The Value Of A College Education

I’m sure top-tier schools are just fine, but those further down the prestige ladder are seeing the problems of decreased demand increasing.


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A friend recently who left the state several years ago to find work elsewhere (he’s in Virginia now) listens online when he can, and emails once or twice a week. In a recent note, he […]


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Dark Is Dark

I’m reading a book written by Mark Steyn several years ago entitled “Lights Out: The End Of The World as We Know It”. It’s not a light read. While Steyn admits that a large percentage […]


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A Wise Man Once Said….

If you want to change the way something is perceived, it’s time for a name change.


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Let me be clear, to use a phrase used frequently by a prominent political figure, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is not, I repeat, not Islamic.


Utah Jazz v Minnesota Timberwolves

It Was Real

I’m glad I don’t run a cable TV network. After all, it’s hard to find “product” to fill the hours, days, months and years. Sure, there are always Cops, Parking Wars, Queer Eye for The […]





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