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Most Everything Is Political

As is usually the case, most everything is political. Especially the children’s crusade currently taking place on the Southern Border.


everything Ray DL rev

False Beliefs

Let’s examine some of these things we erroneously “know” to be facts.


Former Army Sgt. Arnold Giammarco was deported to Italy after serving time for a drug conviction.  (Photo:  John Moore/Getty Images)

We May Not Know What’s Fact and What’s Fiction For Quite a While

So as the flow across the Southern Border continues, a great deal of anecdotal information is circulating on the internet, and the talk shows. Some reports insist that in addition to the youth, Central American gang members, terrorists and Kim Kardashian fans are mixing in.



Let’s Hit the Links

Let’s hit the links this Monday. To begin- science! Which in this case may not be settled. Seriously! Professor Breanne Fahs at Arizona State University is offering extra credit to students who take part in […]


Naugatuck River (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Naugatuck_River_from_Whitestone_Cliffs_Trail_road_walk_over_Frost_Bridge_-_CT_Route_262.jpg)

A River Runs Through It

A river runs through it, and if critics are correct, the EPA will soon be regulating it under new regulations authorized by the Clean Air and Water Act.


Fast Food

The Fun Police Are Everywhere.

The fun police are everywhere. And want to control anything and everything you enjoy. And…..they’re wrong more often than not You may remember Morgan Spurlock’s film, Supersize This!,  inspired by a class action lawsuit filed […]


(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The Outrage

I can understand the outrage over yesterday’s decision from SCOTUS in the case of Sebelius v Hobby Lobby. But judging from the reaction on line, and on air, it seems members of Our Lady of Perpetual Indignation have no idea what the case was about.


us rep march

It Was Designed To Fail

In an opinion piece posted on Bloomberg.com, Lanhee Chen predicts the eventual demise of the still unpopular ACA, asserting the bold initiative contains serious structural flaws which will eventually lead to it’s collapse.


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I Have A Note

Just a couple of short items this morning, most – no- all of which were absent from the morning “news” shows.


everything Ray DL rev

Risky Business

Iraq is going to pieces, Central Americans, women, children and the occasional member of MS-13, are streaming across the border, overwhelming local resources, the holy IRS seems to be having computer troubles, as does HHS, […]





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