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Earth Day Events

That Settles It

Well, that settles it for me. As we discussed yesterday our oceans are in need of saving. As Leonardo DiCaprio observed recently, “Without oceans, we are in serious trouble”. Just ask those with beachfront property what would happen to their property values.



Remain Calm!

Remain calm! All is well!



It’s Crazy Out There And Getting Crazier By The Minute

I think it was Mr. Spock of Star Trek Fame who once said; “In an insane universe, it is the sane man who must appear insane”. And so it is… It’s crazy out there and getting crazier by the minute.


Tempelhof, From Airport To Public Park

Watch What You Eat At That Cookout

At last! We’re heading into “high summer”. So naturally, it’s time for the scolds, killjoys and puritans among us to get busy telling us what not to do. The online food zine, The Daily Meal, […]


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He Had Me At Chocolate Milk

Put the Profiles In Courage Awards on hold. We have a late entry. Governor Dannel (just call me “Dan” until the election) vetoed an education bill that would have banished chocolate milk from school menus.


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Thursday Odds & Ends

Thursday odds and ends, but mostly odds.


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The Main Issue?… Immigration

Back in the 80’s, while working in Kansas City, I took the morning show to El Paso, Texas to learn about the border, and illegal immigration. At night, my newsman and I would accompany Border Patrol agents as they attempted to apprehend those crossing the Rio Grande into the United States. I use the word “attempted” with good reason.


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And Don’t Make Eye Contact

Some things are indeed worth the trouble. And then, some things I don’t get.


President Obama Addresses The Winter Conference Of The Democratic National Committee

Consider Me Relieved

The past couple of weeks have been dominated by the announcement of the swap of 5 Guantanamo inmates for a U.S. soldier held by the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network. And naturally, there was criticism.


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More Wisdom From Hollywood Stars

We all seek wisdom and guidance from time to time. Some find answers in scripture, or perhaps in the writings of classical philosophers. Zen, TN, or Scientology can help us face the challenges that can […]