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Ask A Connecticut Expert: Top Recipes For Super Bowl SundayKashia Cave is an award-winning chef who has been honored both for her culinary talents and for her commitment to helping teach urban children how to prepare and eat healthy meals. She is also a mother of a 21-year-old son who told her that for the Super Bowl “real men don't care about healthy food” and that she had better come up with some especially tasty food for “real men.” Chef Cave took up the challenge, and here are her five top recipes for Super Bowl Sunday.
Top Spots To Buy Headphones In ConnecticutFrom simple, inexpensive buds for personal devices to top-of-the-line professional recording studio sets, there are stores in Connecticut that can meet any headphone-seeker's needs.
Top Spots For Office Wear In ConnecticutHere are five of the best, oldest, most famous top spots in Connecticut for those who don't want to dress off the rack.
Top Year-Round Driving Ranges In ConnecticutConnecticut is a little behind its neighbors in that there are no full-service indoor driving ranges in the state. There are, however, a number of top golf and sports centers with simulators, indoor putting and chipping greens and some very creative and technically advanced hydraulic and full-swing hitting stations. Even in the depth of winter, however, there are some year-round driving ranges which offer covered, heated and lit tees.
Top Spots For Vegetarian Chili In ConnecticutAlthough Texans and others in and from the Southwest take suitable pride in their chili recipes, Connecticut has no shortage of great chili cooks, especially when it comes to making the vegetarian and vegan varieties of that signature cowboy cuisine. Here are five of the top spots to find great, authentic vegetarian chili in Connecticut.
Top Ways To Spend New Year's Day In ConnecticutAfter a night of celebrating, the prospect of staying in the house on New Year's Day can seem mighty boring. Fortunately, there are a lot of options for those in Connecticut who want to get out and about.
Top Spots To Buy Cookies In ConnecticutThere is something special about a fresh-baked cookie. The next best thing to a cookie fresh from mom's (or grandmother's) oven is one bought from a bakery, where the cookies are guaranteed to be fresh and baked with care -- and maybe even a little bit of love.
Top Prime Rib In ConnecticutPrime rib is the queen of beef. Slow-roasted, usually cut thick, served au jus and usually still pink, prime rib is a roast beef lover's dream. Many restaurants only serve it on the weekends, for it requires a long cooking time and usually comes with special side dishes like Yorkshire Pudding. Here are just five of the restaurants and pubs in Connecticut which are famed for their prime rib.
Top Spots To Buy Holiday Sweaters In ConnecticutThere are many ways to mark the various fall and winter holidays, but one of the most embarrassing but also funniest is to deck oneself out in a garish holiday sweater. Often dismissed as “ugly sweaters,” these bright and festive garments do send a message of cheer. Here are just of the top places in Connecticut to find that perfect holiday sweater.
Ask A Connecticut Chef: 5 Traditional Chanukah RecipesWhether families have one big holiday gathering or one each night, food plays a big part in the Chanukah celebration. Here are just five traditional recipes that are bound to appear on a family's Chanukah table.
Top Banana Bread In ConnecticutBanana bread is not just for breakfast anymore. A great accompaniment to a glass of milk, juice or hot beverage, caffeinated or not, banana bread can be a dessert, a snack, a breakfast or even the main ingredient in pudding or French toast. Here are just five places to find great banana bread in Connecticut.
Top Winter Festivals In ConnecticutWhether it is to welcome Santa to town, light the town Christmas tree or just celebrate the season with ice sculptures, ice skating, sleigh rides and other cold-weather activities, many towns in Connecticut mark the winter with a festival. Some last a few hours, some go on for several days or weekends. Here are just five of the top winter festivals in Connecticut.

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