Maine Police Say 2 Hostages Released Unharmed

Police in Bangor, Maine say two hostages were released unharmed and police are continuing to negotiate with a gunman holed up in Union Street house.


Colorado Springs, CO

5 Valentine’s Day Weekend Getaway Ideas

Enjoy a romantic weekend getaway for two, or for the whole family at any of these wonderful destination cities. With lots of activities, romantic spots and other hidden fun, you’ll be planning another trip out there as soon as possible.


File photo of a private island. (credit: FRANK PERRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Cards Against Humanity Buys 6-Acre Maine Island

Cards Against Humanity has purchased a 6-acre private island in Maine and is doling out 1-square-foot parcels to participants in its holiday fundraising campaign.


A layer of snow rests on a cafe's outdoor tables and chairs. (credit: GEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images)

Maine City OKs Winter Outdoor Seating

The city of Bangor, the gateway to northern Maine and one of the coldest cities on the East Coast, has approved year-round outdoor dining.


File photo of kittens.  (credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Kitten From New Mexico Ends Up In Maine

A New Mexico woman’s missing kitten has been located in Maine, although exactly how the feline made the 2,300-mile trip remains a mystery.


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Maine Teen Charged With Naked Break-Ins

Police say an 18-year-old Maine man has been arrested after allegedly breaking into two homes while naked, at about the same time his own home was destroyed in a fire.


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Maine Man Tries To Surprise Friend, Accidenatally ‘Breaks-In’ To Flower Shop

A Maine man who authorities originally said fell to the sidewalk while rappelling down a fire escape after breaking into a Portland flower shop was actually part of a stunt that had gone awry.


Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend Theodore Michael Wilbur head back into their home after giving a statement to the media on October 31, 2014 in Fort Kent, Maine.  (credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Ebola Nurse, Boyfriend Moving To Freeport, Maine

An Ebola nurse who fought quarantines in New Jersey and Maine says she’s going to stay in southern Maine while she decides what to do next with her life.


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At Least Four Dead In Apartment Fire Near Maine College Campus

Fire swept through a two-apartment building near the University of Southern Maine’s commuter campus on Saturday morning, killing four people and critically injuring one, authorities said. They were still trying to account for several people.


Reporters set up positions across the street from the home Kaci Hickox shares with her boyfriend in Kent, Maine. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Compromise Efforts Stall For Quarantined Maine Nurse

Nurse Kaci Hickox is publicly challenging a quarantine order by the state of Maine. Gov. Paul LePage insists he will enforce the order.