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What To Do With Your Kids Over The Vacation In Connecticut

By Kim McNeill While most parents I know don’t truly despise having their kid’s home from school, vacation weeks do put a kink in our standard routines.School children these days get bored really easily. But, […]


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Guide to Connecticut Arboretums

By Kim McNeill Once the ground begins to emerge from its snowy blanket, the desire to explore the outdoors cannot be denied. Connecticut’s seasonal variation is a bounty for the senses all year long. It […]


Dancers Compete In The 40th Anniversary World Irish Dancing Championships

Best Places to See Irish Dancing

By Kim McNeill With a name like “McNeill”, you can bet that I have seen Riverdance more than a few times. Like St. Patrick’s Day, Irish Step Dancing has transcended cultural bounds and has become […]


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Guide to First Night Hartford

Where can you spend all day celebrating New Year’s Eve? Which New Year’s Eve party will make sure even your designated driver is part of the fun? Want to create New Year’s Eve memories with the whole family? First Night Hartford is the solution!


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Five Must-Do Holiday Activities for Kids

By Kim McNeill Winter holidays are here again! If you are anything like me, you want your kids to have memorable traditions, quality family time, and keep busy by themselves long enough for the parents […]


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Christmas in Connecticut

By Kim McNeill Christmas in Connecticut is more than just a movie. The movie, starring Barbara Stanwyck, has a 1940s New York career women moving to the country to pretend to be the perfect housewife […]


A turkey gets some exercise on a rooftop

Guide to Thanksgiving Day Activities

The turkey is in the oven, the side dishes are waiting to be heated, and everyone is sitting in front of the TV screen waiting through three hours of pre-game commentary before the kick off. While that is perfectly fine, it just might not be how you pictured your big family day. What else can you do? A lot!


Poverty Rate Rises To 15 Year High

Getting into the Community as a Family

At the time of the year-end holidays, when many of us are reveling in the joy of abundance and being able to generously provide for ourselves, we are fully aware of how much we have. Thanksgiving and the winter holidays remind us to step back and think about why we are so contented. What if we didn’t have good health, ample food, warm beds, or hot showers?


America Celebrates Halloween

Best Bets for Halloween Fun around Connecticut

By Kim McNeill I don’t know what it is about Halloween in Connecticut. It is such a quintessentially New England event here in the Nutmeg State. Perhaps it’s trick-or-treating along a Main Street with some […]


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Haunted Connecticut

By Kim McNeill I stopped counting the number of paranormal investigators in Connecticut after I couldn’t remember their names in my head anymore. So let’s just say we have a lot of investigators. With good […]