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JOE D'S NOTEBOOK: Believe It Or Not
JOE D'S NOTEBOOK: Caught Up In WinterWinter has hit the Carolinas and it isn't pretty. Not winter like we have experienced over the last six weeks in Connecticut but enough snow and ice to make traveling a nightmare. The UConn Huskies got caught up in it on Tuesday.
JOE D'S NOTEBOOK: No Escape For The HuskiesThere's no escape for the UConn men. No escape from the cold... no escape from 9 PM starts... and, most importantly, seemingly no escape from the inconsistency that has plagued them this season.
JOE D'S NOTEBOOK: No Snow in New OrleansWhat a shock, it's Monday and it's snowing. Well, there was no precipitation in New Orleans on Saturday, just a much needed win for the UConn Huskies,beating Tulane 62-53.
JOE D'S NOTEBOOK: Let's Not Sugarcoat ItThere's no reason to try and sugarcoat what went on last night at Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati. It was a dismal performance by the UConn Huskies and the 70-58 setback was not really indicative of how bad the defending national champions played.
JOE D'S NOTEBOOK: The Toughest Place To PlayFor the third time this month, it's the start of a two game road trip for the UConn men as they visit perhaps the toughest place to play in the AAC (next to Gampel of course)