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From left: Ryan Boatright, Omar Calhoun, Shabazz Napier vs. Houston, Jan. 30, 2014. (Courtesy Bob Stowell/UConn)

JOE D’S NOTEBOOK February 9th, 2014

Late night in Orlando after UConn got back on track with a 75-55 win at Central Florida. It was an interesting night to be sure at CFE Arena on the UCF campus.

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–02/09/2014

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

JOE D’S NOTEBOOK October 12th

USF GAME DAY- It’s a new era in so many ways for the UConn football team today in their homecoming battle with South Florida. 1)- The first conference game in the American Athletic Conference 2)- […]

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–10/12/2013

UCONN vs. Maryland at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, September 14, 2013. Photo taken by game attendee Chris Malash.

JOE D’S NOTEBOOK 9/15/2013

MARYLAND- THE RECAP- It was a successful return to Randy Edsall and company on Saturday night as Maryland ko’d UConn 32-21. A game that once again started out so promisingly for the Huskies, once again […]

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–09/15/2013

Randy Edsall (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

JOE D’S NOTEBOOK 9/13/2013

MARYLAND WEEK- Friday. Sometime around 7:30 on Saturday night, Randy Edsall will make his official return to Rentschler Field since leaving UConn after the 2010 Fiesta Bowl. He will be there Friday afternoon when he […]

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–09/13/2013

Randy Edsall, Maryland (Rob Carr/Getty Images)


MARYLAND WEEK- Wednesday- Hey, did you hear Randy Edsall’s coming back to Rentschler Field on Saturday Night. Of course, you have. It’s without a doubt, the most highly anticipated home game in the 10 year […]

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–09/11/2013

(photo by Bob Stowell)


SUNDAY CUP O’ JOE- Christmas Day for most NFL fans, the first Sunday of the season. No day is more analyzed than the opening Sunday of the season. And not by the experts, by the […]

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–09/08/2013

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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3: Is it a good thing or a bad thing that UConn had a bye week after their opening night loss to Towson. I said on the broadcast last Thursday that I thought […]

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–09/04/2013


TOWSON, THE AFTERMATH: Is disappointing a strong enough word to describe Thursday’s season opener for the UConn Football team? I’m not sure. But it is one that is being bandied about this morning. A lot […]

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–08/30/2013

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HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FOOTBALL : It’s here! The UConn players and coaches have been waiting for this day ever since the clock showed 0:00 at the end of the season finale of the Cincinnati […]

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–08/29/2013

UConn Logo


PREVIEW #3 – With time running out before Thursday night’s opener, I’ll do my defensive preview (and review from Game One) next week. Now, the Huskies backfield. You don’t have to be Knute Rockne to […]

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–08/27/2013