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Eight-Month Sentence In Sandy Hook Fraud

A New York City woman who posed as the aunt of a child killed in the massacre at a Connecticut elementary school last December has been sentenced to 8 months in prison.


New Britain Stadium. (Photo:  Tristano Korlou)

Turns Out Runaway Baseball Bride . . . . . . . Was A Hoax

A less-than-romantic public proposal which was rejected at a Rock Cats baseball game last week . . . was a hoax, according to word today from the team.


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Multiple Hoax School Threats Strain Bridgeport Resources

Bridgeport police say eight bomb threats against city schools in the past week have put a strain on resources.


(Original Photo by Blogger)

Hoax Call Threatens New Haven Green

New Haven Police say a call which came in the midst of heightened security after the Boston Marathon bombing Monday night was a hoax.



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