Computer Talk With Tab: Internet Privacy, Windows 10 Update, and Cutting the Cable CordErik and Bob tackle your computer questions. This week's discussion includes internet privacy, now that the Obama-era privacy regulations have been repealed. Find out how to move photos from an iPad onto a computer. Callers call in concerning the best laser-jet printer, using a "classic shell" so the newer versions of Windows looks like previous ones, and the experience of finally cutting the cord from cable for other alternatives.
Computer Talk with Tab: How To Monitor Your Hard Drive Capacity &The Safety of Steam Gaming PlatformErik and Bob answer your questions. Erik details the trials and tribulations of getting his TiVo Bolt repaired. Wes Borg offers a lighthearted walk through computer history in song, and a listener sings praises for the recommended Firefox browser.
DMV Suggests Delaying Wednesday VisitsComputer issues could result in longer lines
Hartford Police Searching For Suspects In Theft of ComputersPolice are investigating after 35 Apple MacBook Air computers were stolen during a burglary at a Hartford high school.
DMV Computer Upgrade Completed
Computer Experts Sign Open Letter To Protect Mankind From Super-Smart MachinesScientists sign open letter pledging to develop artificial intelligence in safe and ethical ways to protect human beings.
Should You E-File Or See A Tax Specialist For Your Returns?When it comes to figuring your taxes, should you rely on software or turn to a pro?
Power Failure Affects Computer Servers, DRS Extends Business Tax DeadlineSome taxpayers who file and pay their state business taxes electronically are being given an extension after computer problems at the Taxpayer Service Center.
Ray Allen Installs Hartford School Computer LabHartford public school students today got to use a new computer lab installed and paid for by UConn and NBA star Ray Allen's foundation.
Tech Volunteer Arrested, Accused Of Stealing Apple ComputersMilford police have arrested a volunteer for a group that advises the city on technology matters on charges he stole 50 iMac computers.
Computers Stolen From School Are RecoveredManchester police say they have discovered all the items stolen from the Bowers School in November.
Students At Vt. College Learn Computer Protection Deep in the bowels of a building at the nation's oldest private military academy, students from across the globe are being taught to fight the war of the future.

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