Pet Talk

From pet health to pet behavior, we’ve got experts to answer your questions. Doctors Andrea Dennis and Eva Ceranowicz handle the health questions and alternate Saturdays with Laurie Fass, who can answer your questions regarding animal behavior.

You can reach doctors Dennis and Ceranowicz at the Bloomfield Animal Hospital at 860-286-2986.

You can reach Laurie Fass at The Dog Training and Counseling Service at 860-677-1847 or online at


Pet Talk: The Best Way To Communicate With Your Dog

This week’s behavior edition opens with Laurie explaining that dogs are not verbal. How you say words and how you act when you say it is more important than the words themselves.


Pet Talk: Clear The Shelters 2017 & More

Laurie Fass discusses the Connecticut Humane Society’s Clear the Shelters 2017, and answers your pet questions.


Pet Talk: Coughing Cats and Dogs

Pet Talk spotlights coughing in Cats and Dogs. What causes this? What does it mean? And what can be done?


Pet Talk: Respecting Dogs’ Boundaries

Laurie shares her experience of scary noises coming out of her fireplace and has an interview with Jayne Neville from the Mount Vernon  Bird Sanctuary to solve the mystery and learn about Chimney Swifts.


NEW EPISODE: Pet Talk With Dr. Andrea Dennis and Dr Eva Ceranowicz

Dr. Andrea Dennis and Dr Eva Ceranowicz answer all your animal questions. No animal to big or to small for a little help from a human friend. Listen and download the latest episode of Pet Talk now.


Pet Talk: Keeping the Dog Out of the Pool

Laurie Fass takes caller’s questions about keeping an Australian Cattle dog out of the pool, a 5 month old puppy who wakes up in the middle of the night, a cat who pees on the bed and couch, and an aggressive little dog who bites.


Pet Talk: Skunk Spray Remedies!

On this episode, we talk avoiding being sprayed by skunks and the most effective recipe for removing the odor from your pet!


Pet Talk: A Dog’s Attention Span & More Topics

Today’s Pet Talk with behavior expert Laurie Fass features discussions about the attention span of dogs and people and the best ways to teach and learn, and more.


Pet Talk: When To Say Goodbye

This week’s show dealt with how to know when it’s time to say goodbye to our pets… making the difficult decision of euthanasia.


Pet Talk: Calming Pets During Fireworks & Thunder

Dr. Andrea talks about how you can keep your pets calm during fireworks and thunderstorms.


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