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SOUND OFF CONNECTICUT: Edward Snowden Asks For A Pardon

Jim and his guests discuss the President-Elect’s call to China, and Edward Snowden asking for a pardon.

9 hours ago

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RAY DUNAWAY: The Crossroads of Millennials and Migration

Connecticut has historically seen an increase of domestic in-migration when looking at those ages 26-29 and 30-39 – which is also the age range of Millennials that now make up the largest living generation.

9 hours ago

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RAY DUNAWAY: The US Economy Is At Full Employment

Jill Schlesinger, CFP® CBS News Business Analyst, asks is the US Economy at Full Employment? It may not feel like it, but it is…

9 hours ago

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RAY DUNAWAY: Bringing The Country Together

Joe Lieberman is joining political and business leaders from both sides of the aisle for No Labels, a meeting being dubbed 1787; Constructing the Peace After the War.

9 hours ago

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This Morning With Ray Dunaway December 5, 2016

Here’s what’s coming up this morning with Ray Dunaway.

13 hours ago

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RAY DUNAWAY: The ‘War On Cops’

Rachel Alexander, Senior Editor at The Stream, former Assistant Attorney General for Arizona, will discuss the burgeoning ‘War on Cops’ and what it means for the future of law enforcement.



RAY DUNAWAY: Does California’s ‘Cow Fart’ Regulation Stink?

Eric Boehm, reporter for Reason Magazine, writes about state government, pensions, licensing, regulations, civil liberties. California’s New Cow Fart Regulations Totally Stink– New law aims to reduce bovine flatulence, but will the cows obey?


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RAY DUNAWAY: Are You Putting Your Best Job Seeking Foot Forward?

A new survey from staffing firm Accountemps reveals the top mistakes job seekers are making in their resumes, as well as during their interviews. Learn more…


State Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (Aaron Kupec/WTIC Radio)

RAY DUNAWAY: Connecticut’s S&P Global Downgrade

Sen. Len Fasano, Senate Minority Leader joined Ray to discuss S&P Global’s decision late Wednesday to downgrade the state’s outlook from stable to negative


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This Morning With Ray Dunaway December 2, 2016

Here’s what’s coming up this morning with Ray Dunaway.


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