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Law Talk: Becoming a Superior Court Judge

We were joined by the Hon. David M. Sheridan, Administrative Judge for the Hartford Judicial District. The Judge led us through the intricacies of becoming a Superior Court Judge in Connecticut, getting re-appointed by the State Legislature, and demonstrated why Nutmeggers are fortunate to have such a high-quality Judiciary—especially compared to states where Judges are […]


Law Talk: Common Estate Planning Mistakes

LawTalk for Saturday, February 17 featured Atty. Paul Czepiga, one of the pioneers of modern elder law practice in Connecticut. We talked about the most common and serious mistakes people make when planning their estate, the various “tools” used in estate planning (Powers of Attorney, Wills, Health Agent forms, Trusts of all flavors), and took […]


Law Talk: A Boom In Divorce Filings?

We got a lot done in a short show.


Law Talk: Salvaging Successful Client–Attorney Relationships

Plus, how to resolve disputes, and how the lawyer discipline process  works, and more.


Law Talk: Selling Real Estate

We talked about selling real estate and when you do and don’t have to pay a commission to a real estate agent, cautions about “dual agency agreements,” and related issues.


Law Talk: Animal Rights Law & More

We touched upon dog fighting, due process concerns in the discharge of their duties by Animal Control Officers, and appealing “kill orders.”


Law Talk: What Does ‘Presumption of Innocence’ Really Mean?

Topics included the role of the Judge, whether the “presumption of innocence” really means much, and more.


Law Talk: Myths & Mysteries of Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

A discussion on myths and mysteries of Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcies (Hartford, are you listening?)


Law Talk: Getting Legal Fees Paid By The Other Side

Plus, how can gun owners do estate planning in a way that your executor/trustee won’t go to prison for violating the National Firearms Act or similar state laws after you die?


Law Talk: Home Improvement Contracts & Contractors

Let’s take a look at Home Improvement Contracts and Home Improvement Contractors, including how homeowners can protect themselves, the legal and financial remedies available to them, and how Home Improvement contractors can keep from getting into trouble. 


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