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Get legal advice from the experts at the Hartford County Bar Association – Lawyer Referral Service, a not-for-profit service that refers members of the public to private attorneys in Hartford, Tolland, Middlesex, Litchfield and Windham Counties.  Office hours are Monday – Thursday 9am – 3pm; Friday 10am – 2pm.  860-525-6052.

If you need a lawyer and you don’t know where to turn, we’re here to help.


Law Talk: Myths & Mysteries of Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

A discussion on myths and mysteries of Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcies (Hartford, are you listening?)


Law Talk: Getting Legal Fees Paid By The Other Side

Plus, how can gun owners do estate planning in a way that your executor/trustee won’t go to prison for violating the National Firearms Act or similar state laws after you die?


Law Talk: Home Improvement Contracts & Contractors

Let’s take a look at Home Improvement Contracts and Home Improvement Contractors, including how homeowners can protect themselves, the legal and financial remedies available to them, and how Home Improvement contractors can keep from getting into trouble. 


Law Talk: The Life Span Of Liens

Law Talk focuses on appealing real estate assessments, and the life span of liens encumbering the title to real property.



Attorney John Matulis answers your legal questions on WTIC’s Law Talk. Listen and Download now.


Law Talk: DUI Laws & More

Learn about Driving Under The Influence laws, the special problems for holders of CDL licenses, breathalyzer and other alternate tests, and more.


Law Talk: Construction and Contractors

Law Talk was joined by Atty. Mark Rosenblum, a partner in the Hartford law firm of RoginNassau to discuss contracts, construction law, and more.


Law Talk: Violating the Do Not Call List & More

Plus, we talk the law regarding Spite Fences in Connecticut: Was poet Robert Frost wrong when he famously wrote that “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”?


LAW TALK: How To Deal With Car Dealerships

Attorney John Matulis is joined by Attorney Dan Blinn of the Consumer Law Group. Topics include the best way to deal with new and used car dealerships, and tips on how to negotiate the conveyance fee.


LAW TALK: Family Law, Custody Battles & Divorce Proceedings

Join a wide-ranging discussion of Family Law with distinguished guests, the Honorable Linda Pierce Prestley, a Senior Judge of the Superior Court, and Attorney’s Campbell Barrett and Margaret Bozek. All are offering valuable “advice from the bench.” Find out how to get help if you’re representing yourself in family court, and what common problems come up in custody and divorce proceedings. There’s also an overview on restraining orders and contempt.


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