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Aviation officials in France say they're looking at widespread rule changes to prevent a repeat of the Germanwings Flight 9525 crash. German prosecutors said Monday that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz who brought down the airliner had been treated for suicidal tendencies. Allen Pizzey reports from Montabaur, Germany, Lubitz's hometown.
German aviation authorities knew Andreas Lubitz required greater health scrutiny, but officials suggest nothing more could have been done
Officials say a deal -- or at least a deal to keep negotiators working on the real sticking points -- seems likely to emerge within hours
U.S. Homeland Security gave a 90-day humanitarian pass to Jose Chua, 20, a Mexican national who is seeking medical treatment
The White House is expected to announce the reductions Tuesday, the United Nations deadline for submissions of climate change proposals
Nigeria's voters are split almost evenly between incumbent Goodluck Jonathan and challenger Muhammadu Buhari
More than five centuries ago, Spain gave an ultimatum to the 300,000 Jews living in the country: Convert to Catholicism or be expelled. Now the country’s government is offering Spanish citizenship to the families of the citizens expelled to make amends.
German officials said Andreas Lubitz had been treated as a suicide risk; indications mounting that his mental condition played into the tragedy
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has left the nuclear talks a day early, while negotiations continue
U.S., U.K. warn nation's hotly-contested presidential election may be subverted by "deliberate political interference"