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Man attacks Ambassador Mark Lippert during event about Korean reunification and future of U.S.-South Korean relations
After his address to Congress Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party sees a slight bump in the polls
In their first interview, South African parents spoke to CBS News about the emotional reunion with their long-lost daughter
In Japan, you can go to an island were cats out number people six to one. CBSN visits Japan's "cat islands".
The resemblance between the late Leonard Nimoy and Canada's former prime minister Wilfrid Laurier is so stark some are tweaking bills to look like his most famous character
Omar Trevino Morales, widely considered to be most important leader of Zetas drug cartel, arrested in pre-dawn raid in wealthy suburb
Islamist-backed government in Tripoli launches airstrikes during counteroffensive against self-described ISIS branch
Misao Okawa, born in 1898 to a kimono maker, shared some wisdom as she prepares to celebrate her birthday
Prosecutor appeals judge's decision to throw out case accusing president of covering up Iran's alleged bombing of Jewish center in Buenos Aires
Large explosion strikes intelligence building in northern city of Aleppo, setting off heavy clashes

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