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U.S. not the only nation facing a violent backlash over police tactics and the treatment of minorities
Officials say troops will train forces loyal to Yemen's president who fled after rebels began to overtake the country
At least 21 others were injured in the fight, which was between prisoners of different nationalities
Thousands of Libyans packed into wooden and rubber boats were rescued by the Italian Coast Guard in what might have been the biggest rescue mission of the year. CBS News' Allen Pizzy describes the dramatic rescue.
After months of hype and speculation, Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao to retain his title of welterweight champion of the world. The decision was unanimous, but the reaction--not so much. Carter Evans reports.
Anyone who's had a baby or is expecting one knows how difficult it can be to choose a name. But, most of us don't have a nation weighing in with suggestions. Mark Phillips reports on the royal baby name-game.
Thousands of migrants flooding to Europe trying to escape war, poverty and violence in Africa and the Middle East were rescued Sunday. The humanitarian crisis continues to unfold. Allen Pizzey reports.
The death toll in the devastating Nepal earthquake is now over 7,200. U.S. military aircraft arrived Sunday, including four Ospreys which will begin relief flights tomorrow. Many villages have not received aid more than a week after the quake. Seth Doane reports from Katmandu.
Pyongyang officials say a 21-year-old New York University student from New Jersey was arrested when he entered the country through China
Survivors of Nigerian Islamic extremists tell harrowing tales of their year in captivity; military claims 700 rescued so far