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Purported beheading video comes a week after killing of other Japanese hostage
King Tut's mask, on display at the famed Egyptian Museum in Cairo, was improperly repaired with epoxy glue. After days of insisting the repair was by the book, the museum finally admitted it was a mistake and the director of restoration was reassigned. Alex Ortiz reports from Cairo.
After multiple deadlines have come and gone, the fates of two hostages held by ISIS remain unclear. Japan is deadlocked in negotiations over efforts to free a freelance journalist, while the family of a captured Jordanian pilot has not heard anything about him. Charlie D'Agata reports from London.
Japan races to gain new information on journalist with fate linked to captured Jordanian fighter pilot, female Qaeda prisoner
Wins Australian Open for the sixth time
Stan Beaton held on to the memory of his late wife through a voicemail recording on their home phone. The recording was erased by the phone company, but it's now been restored. The BBC was there as Beaton listened to the message he thought was lost forever.
CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer on conflict in eastern Ukraine, where things are going from bad to worse, especially for civilians

What am I seeing?

Some pictures just need more explanation than others
Just a week after the State of the Union, President Obama is renewing his efforts to close the detainment camp at Guantanamo Bay. CBS News State Department correspondent Margaret Brennan explains the GOP pushback on the issue, and the likelihood of the dention center shutting down for good.
The 50th anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill is observed in London

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