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Protestors gathered outside the office of a Bloomington, Minn., dentist who admits shooting a beloved lion in Zimbabwe
Mullah Omar, the head of the Taliban in Afghanistan, was reported dead by the Afghanistan government
A broken part of a plane wing has washed up on the French island Reunion in the West Indian Ocean. Investigators are studying whether it's part of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
Afghanistan authorities say Mullah Mohammed Omar, the one-eyed figurehead of the Taliban, has been dead for more than two years
As reports emerge that Taliban leader Mullah Omar is dead, a Predator drone pilot says he had a chance to kill Omar when the war began
A piece of plane debris has washed up on an Indian Ocean island, prompting many to wonder if it's wreckage of missing flight MH370
Sources tell CBS News Boeing investigators believe debris appears to be from a 777 -- the same type of aircraft as flight that disappeared
Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, was identified as the American hunter facing poaching charges for the crossbow killing of the beloved Zimbabwe lion
Attacks came as the government pressed on with efforts to reclaim territory under the extremists' control in the embattled western Anbar province
WWF says effort to double population of an endangered species in Bhutan has been a "roaring success," but work must continue