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Latest Connecticut Movie Reviews

Image courtesy Universal Pictures

‘Kick-Ass 2′ Holds Too Many Punches

This Kick-Ass sequel does anything but.


Image courtesy Sony Pictures

Elysium Exists High Above The Rest

Neill Blomkamp returns with another socially minded sci-fi film that hovers high above most summer blockbusters.


Image courtesy Warner Bros

The Conjuring Is The Best Scary Movie Of The Year

Smart, sleek and stylish, The Conjuring nails the creepiest case in the Warren’s files.


Image courtesy Legendary pictures/ Warner Bros

Pacific Rim Is The Ultimate Summer Movie

Guillermo Del Toro goes bigger than ever with his mechs versus kaiju epic, and the result is the best blockbuster movie of the summer. Pacific Rim is a smashing success in a number of ways. […]


Image courtesy Universal Pictures

Despicable Me 2 Is Fun, Cute & Clever

The sequel to Despicable Me is light and silly, and packed with more than enough laughs and fun to make it a great time at the movies for the whole family.


Image courtesy Paramount Pictures

World War Z Is Not The Book, But It’s Not Terrible

Equally thrilling and disappointing, bold and bad… the biggest zombie movie of all time delivers on suspense and action, but falls flat on pretty much everything else.


Image Courtesy Disney


It’s no Monsters, Inc, but Pixar’s new prequel is still a solid and welcome entry in the monsters’ mythos.


Image Courtesy Warner Bros Pictures

Man Of Steel Proves His Mettle

Superman makes his return to the big screen in Man Of Steel, a movie whose scope and strengths do justice to the iconic DC hero. When it comes to super heroes, Superman’s is a deceptively […]


Image courtesy Columbia Pictures

After Earth Is A Perfectly Average Sci Fi Epic

Will Smith’s sci-fi father/ son opus is high on production value and crowd pleasing melodrama, but offers little to take away after the credits roll.



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