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Gregory Weathers (Courtesy Bridgeport Police)

Arraignment Delayed In Construction Worker’s Death

The arraignment of a man charged with killing a road construction worker in Bridgeport has been delayed while he is hospitalized.



Submarine Crewman Waives Hearing In Videotape Case

A Navy sailor charged with videotaping female officers in stages of undress aboard a submarine has waived a hearing that would have allowed his attorneys to argue against sending the case to a court-martial.


Craigslist Office

Official: ‘Craigslist Crimes Are Real Threats’

It’s every mother-to-be’s worst nightmare and a horrific story of the dangers of online transactions, after a 26-year-old mother had her unborn child cut and removed from her womb by a Craigslist stranger.


Gregory Weathers (Courtesy Bridgeport Police)

Construction Worker Shot and Killed In Bridgeport

Bridgeport police have made an arrest in the fatal shooting of a construction worker on the job Thursday.


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“Untimely Death” Now Called Homicide

Untimely Death Now Determined To Be Homicide


First Niagara holdup (Courtesy East Hartford Police)

East Hartford Police Investigate Bank Holdup

East Hartford police are investigating a holdup Wednesday afternoon at the First Niagara Bank on Main Street.


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Bridgeport Store Clerk Killed

Bridgeport Police say a convenience store clerk was killed when a masked man walked into T. Market about 8:00 a.m. and fired multiple shots.


(Pool Photo/Jessica Hill/Associated Press)

Parole Board Rescinds Castonguay Release

A parole board that ruled earlier this year that a convicted killer could go free has rescinded that decision following an outcry from the victim’s family and prosecutors.


Adam Lanza's house in Newtown. Photo from Photo from States Attorney's Report)

Sandy Hook School Shooter’s House Demolished

NEWTOWN, Conn. (AP) – The home of the man who carried out the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school has been demolished. Newtown Legislative Council Chair Mary Ann Jacob said Tuesday that the building […]