Mornings With Ray Dunaway

Mornings With Ray Dunaway

Ray Dunaway wakes Connecticut up with all the information you need to start your day. Hear his daily interviews with the people making the news each day. It’s the perfect way to start your day informed and entertained.

  • Friday, January 20th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Jill Schlesinger, 1/20/17

    CFP® CBS News Business Analyst. Re: How are markets reacting to the Presidential inauguration.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Kevin Lembo, 1/20/17

    State Comptroller. Re: Announced that the state is preparing a request for proposal (RFP) in partnership with the state Health Care Cost Containment Committee that could potentially save the state tens of millions on retiree health costs by implementing a Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Coach Geno Auriemma, 1/20/17

    UConn Womens Basketball Coach. Re: Discuss Huskies' 92nd consecutive victory on Tuesday night
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Dr. Paul Thompson, 1/20/17

    Is Chief of Cardiology and The Athletes' Heart Program at Hartford Hospital and professor of medicine at the University of Connecticut. Re: Statins and grapefruit WARNING: Mixing drugs and fruit could be DEADLY cocktail? Is this true?
  • Thursday, January 19th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Ron Schurin, 1/19/17

    Associate Professor in Residence, Political Science at UConn. Re: Discuss the Inauguration and also the pardons of President Obama and maybe a bit of history on Presidential pardons.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Richard Pollock, 1/19/17

    Reporter for the Daily Caller Re: CNN Missed – Or Ignored – Key Facts About Tom Price’s Health Care Stocks. Have not examined all of Price's stocks, but his earlier article noted, at least three Senators own stock in health companies and his story was about the CNN hit job on him
  • Wednesday, January 18th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Rep. Gail Lavielle, 1/18/17

    Rep. Lavielle was reappointed as Ranking Member of the General Assembly’s Education Committee and wanted to speak about what the recent changes in state education funding means for most CT residents.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Gary Byrne, 1/18/17

    Former secret service officer and author of “Crisis of Character." Re: The Secret Service, federal agencies and local law enforcement are preparing for an inauguration whose security will be "unprecedented" due to threats. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy said, "I think people today are willing to do things they may not have been willing to do in the past." Former Air Marshal and Secret Service officer Gary J. Byrne is available to discuss the challenges he's faced working previous inaugurations and what will make this one so different
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Stephen Eide, 1/18/17

    Senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. His work focuses on public administration, public finance, political theory, and urban policy. Re: Recently he wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal recently about the prospects of Hartford declaring bankruptcy, Mayor Bronin’s suggestion of getting the suburbs to help out the city budget, and the cities union
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Keith Phaneuf 1/18/17

    05:04 state budget reporter. Malloy begins making a case for changes to local school funding.
  • Tuesday, January 17th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Tim Herbst, 1/17/17

    Is the first selectman of Trumbull and was the Republican nominee for state treasurer in 2014. Re: Exploring run for Governor.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Chris Powell, 1/17/17

    managing editor of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester, Connecticut.Re: House Democrats knew what rejecting Contracts means. Some Democrats in the state House of Representatives seem to want to be considered stupid, since stupidity is the only innocent explanation for their voting unanimously the other day against a Republican resolution to require the House to vote on state employee union contracts negotiated by the governor
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Tom Schatz, 1/17/17

    President of Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW). Re: Government Waste programs.
  • Monday, January 16th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w State Sen. George Logan, 1/16/17

    Represents the 17th District, which includes Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Hamden, Naugatuck and Woodbridge. The Senate Republican Majority Whip, Sen. Logan is Co-Chair of the Planning and Development Committee and Vice-Chair of the Public Health and Veterans Affairs Committees. He also serves as a member of the Education Committee and the Regulation Review Committee. Re: Discuss MLK's influence on him.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Erin Stewart, 1/16/17

    Mayor of New Britain. Re: City of New Britain happenings and her thoughts on run for another term of Mayor of the Hardware City
  • Friday, January 13th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Lt. Brian Foley, 1/13/17

    Hartford police. Re: Overdoses in the city.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Rich Hanley, 1/13/17

    Associate Professor/Journalism. Re: Discuss Trump and media bias.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Yisroel Rabinowitz, 1/13/17

    Owner of Universal Enterprise LLC and the developer of The Grand on Ann. Re:The National 2016 Movers Study reports that more people are moving out of Connecticut than are moving in. Business leaders are hoping new trendy apartments in Hartford will attract career-minded millennials to our state. Yisroel Rabinowitz, owner of The Grand on Ann apartments, is here to discuss the exciting residential renaissance happening in our capital city.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Red Sox CMO Adam Grossman, 1/13/17

    UConn skates at Fenway. Next weekend, Jan 20-22 the Sox come to Connecticut for Baseball Winter Weekend
  • Thursday, January 12th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w David Lightman, 1/12/17

    National political correspondent and veteran congressional reporter for McClatchy Newspapers. Trump Hearing and cabinet picks, speeches from President Obama and president Elect- Trump.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Paul T. Czepiga, 1/12/17

    Certified Elder Law Attorney | Certified Public Accountant | Accredited Veterans Claims Attorney with Czepiga Daly Pope LLC. Re: proper estate and will planning. Musician Prince chief without a will and he had entire teams of lawyers working for him, don't make that mistake.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Jonathan Hunt, 1/12/17

    Director of communications for Companions & Homemakers. Re: Companions & Homemakers says it was told on Jan. 3 that, as of Feb. 3, the state would no longer reimburse the company for its services because it is refusing use the newly installed Electronic Visit Verification system.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w David Dearborn, 1/12/17

    Communications Director CT Department of Social Services. Re: comment on Companions & Homemakers not getting reimbursed for its services because it is refusing use the new Electronic Visit Verification system
  • Wednesday, January 11th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Bill Curry, 1/11/17

    Political writer for White House counselor to President Clinton and a two-time Democratic nominee for governor of Connecticut. Re: President Obama’s farewell speech last night.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Matt Pilon, 1/11/17

    News Editor Hartford Business Journal. Re: Junk Faxes. CT attorneys, businesses seek legal payday with junk faxes.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w James MacPherson, 1/11/17

    WTIC Car Dr. Emeritus. Discuss Detroit Auto Show.
  • Tuesday, January 10th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Chris Powell, 1/10/17

    Managing editor of the Journal Inquirer Re: With a new commissioner, Michael Bzdyra, the debugging of a new computer system, and new procedures, Governor Malloy at last may have gotten the state Department of Motor Vehicles under control after an especially disastrous year of incompetence and inconvenience to the public. SEND THE MARINES TO CHICAGO: As the federal government surveys the world for another imperial intervention, it should consider Chicago, which is starting to look a bit like Aleppo
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Jonathan Harris, 1/10/17

    Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection. Re: hearing Jan. 11, when petitions will be heard to add new medical conditions to the list of those that can be treated with medical marijuana. The hearing will be held at 8:30 a.m. at the department's new offices, 450 Columbus Blvd., Hartford, North Meeting Room D.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Dean Timothy Fisher, 1/10/17

    17th dean of the UConn School of Law. Re: A new incubator at UConn School of Law will provide affordable legal services to people who need them and help lawyers establish solo practices. The Connecticut Community Law Center, an initiative of the law school and the Hartford County Bar Association, aims to help people who have traditionally been underserved by the justice system: low- and moderate-income clients who don’t qualify for legal aid but can’t afford standard legal fees.
  • Monday, January 9th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Jill Schlesinger, 1/9/17

    CFP® CBS News Business Analyst. Re: 2016 Job Market Roundup - Jill On Money
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Bob Duff, 1/9/17

    Senate Majority Leader (D-Norwalk) Re: Urged Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Michael Bzdyra to quickly find a new private vendor to perform driver’s license renewal services previously provided by AAA Northeast. Connecticut’s contract with AAA Northeast ended on January 1st.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Dr. Anthony Fauci, 1/9/17

    Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Re: Topic is peanut allergy. Recommendations Focus on Introducing Peanut-Containing Foods to Infants.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr, 1/9/17

    East Haven Mayor. Re: East Haven Secures $200,000 Dollar Grant to Open Skate Park in June of 2017 (first of our Mayor Monday’s!)
  • Friday, January 6th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Joe Brennan, 1/6/17

    President and CEO of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association, Connecticut's leading business organization. Discuss the importance of this coming session, and how the General Assembly can take steps to make Connecticut a better place for business
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Jackie Gorsky Mandyck, 1/6/17

    iQuilt Partnership Managing Director. Re: Final Weekend of Winterfest.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Kevin Witkos, 1/6/17

    Deputy Senate Republican President Pro Tempore.  Session is now in session.
  • Thursday, January 5th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Kevin Lembo, 1/5/17

    State Comptroller Kevin Lembo announced that the state is on track to end the current fiscal year with a $56.2-million deficit. Get the latest details, as the new budget-centric legislative session begins Day Two.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Mary Mushinsky, 1/5/17

    State Rep. Mary Mushinsky, proudly serving Wallingford, discusses the start of new session.  Could changes to the “Bottle Bill” be on the way for the state?
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w David Lightman, 1/5/17

    National political correspondent and veteran congressional reporter for McClatchy Newspapers, David Lightman shares the latest on the Trump Transition and the start of new session in the Capital.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Jim Barry, 1/5/17

    CTA’s “Digital Answer Man” Jim Barry talks CES®2017. Taking place January 5th-8th, 2017 in Las Vegas, the show is celebrating 50 years as the global stage for innovation, boasting over 165,000 attendees and 3,800 exhibitors from more than 150 countries. Get a preview of this year's event.
  • Wednesday, January 4th
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Congressman Joe Courtney, 1/4/17

    Congressman Joe Courtney discusses his statement after the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) released its crumbling foundations report required by the Connecticut General Assembly.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Mark Pazniokas, 1/4/17

    Mark Pazniokas, capital bureau chief talks the start of the new legislative session.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Richard Blumenthal, 1/4/17

    Sen. Richard Blumenthal discusses Russian cyberattacks, and the GOP's efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
  • Tuesday, January 3rd
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w James Bergenn, 1/3/17

    Partner at Shipman and Goodwin, practice is comprised of complex criminal and civil litigation, including white collar crime and government investigations, substantial personal injury and wrongful death cases, and other trials involving substantial consequences. Re: Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel's Murder Conviction Reinstated.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Chris Powell, 1/3/17

    Managing editor of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester. Re: Twenty-five years ago when Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. bludgeoned the General Assembly into passing the state income tax, the tax's advocates apologized by accompanying it with a state constitutional amendment to put a limit on state government spending.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Jeffrey Tucker, 1/3/17

    Director of Content,, Chief Liberty Officer, Discuss the fact Your Shower is Lame! and other reaching regulations of the Federal Goverment. 
  • Friday, December 30th, 2016
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Dr Eric Kusher, 12/30/16

    New England Fat Loss. New Year is coming, what are some tips to make a better and healthier you in the new year.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Sen. Rob Kane, 12/30/16

    R-Watertown, represents the 32nd District towns of Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Middlebury, Oxford, Roxbury, Seymour, Southbury, Washington, Watertown and Woodbury. He is Senate ranking member on the legislature’s Appropriations Committee, which oversees state government spending. Re: Recommendations for an enforceable cap on state-government spending.
  • Monday, December 12th, 2016
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Jeff Hoess, 12/9/16

    ‎General Manager, Avon Old Farms Hotel
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Jill Schlesinger. 12/12/16

    Business Analyst for CBS News. Federal Reserve Rate Hike #2, The Federal Reserve will likely raise short-term interest rates this week, when it convenes the last policy meeting of 2016. The second rate hike of the cycle comes one full year after the first, nine years after the last time it had previously raised rates.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Rich Hanley, 12/12/16

    Associate professor of Journalism and the graduate Journalism program director in the School of Communications.What does it mean when people start to boycott the media and threaten the freedom of speech.
  • Friday, December 9th, 2016
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Dan Haar, 12/9/16

    Brainard Airport Fights Back As Redevelopment Plan Returns
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w John Brighenti, 12/9/16

    Vice President, Avon Plumbing & Heating, Avon Old Farms Hotel in Avon, 
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Tim LeGeyt 12/9/16

    Represents the 17th General Assembly District covering Avon and Canton.Will participate in the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign by ringing bells at the Avon Walmart on Wednesday December 14 from 4:30pm – 5:30pm. The public is invited to support the cause with donations of any size.
  • Thursday, December 8th, 2016
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Pete Gioia, 12/8/16

    CBIA economist. About half of Connecticut business leaders expect stable economic conditions for their firms over the short term, according to a new survey released today. The 2016 CBIA/Farmington Bank 3rd Quarter Economic and Credit Availability Survey found 49% of businesses forecast stable. He calls conditions, unchanged from the previous two quarters.  
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Chris Murphy, 12/8/16

    Junior United States Senator from Connecticut. Re: Sen. Murphy’s Mental Health Reform Act
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Randy Fiveash, 12/8/16

    Director of the Connecticut Office of Tourism. How tourism drives Connecticut's economy. There’s so much to see and do this winter in Connecticut.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Ana Redelat, 12/8/16

    Washington correspondent CT lawmakers torn between funds for subs and waiver for Mattis.
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Bellissimo 12/8/16

    In Rocky Hill, Restaurant of the Week, $25 for $50  Click for Deal
  • Wednesday, December 7th, 2016
  • Mornings With Ray Dunaway w Melissa Parks, 12/7/16

    Behavioral Health Engagement Specialist for Community Health Services in Hartford. Re: Tonight’s community forum at Community Health Services in Hartford (500 Albany Avenue) focuses on Opioid Awareness and Prevention and is being sponsored by the Greater Hartford Harm Reduction Coalition (GHHRC) and the City of Hartford’s Department of Health and Human Services. It is free and open to the public and will run from 5:30-7:30 pm

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