HARTFORD, Conn. (WTIC Radio) – With the General Assembly due to convene in two weeks, healthcare experts gathered at the State Capitol Wednesday, for a round-table discussion on what can be done to rein-in skyrocketing prescription drug costs.

As administrator of the state employee and retiree health plans, State Comptroller Kevin Lembo says he’s noticed a number of trends driving up prices, including, the use of specialty drugs when they’re not needed, and the proliferation of TV ads peddling various medications.

Lembo says generic drugs are part of the answer. “We just don’t have a good partner in the FDA,” he said. “They approve drugs, they hold on to patents too long, and they create … these perverse incentives that are just driving up prices all over the place.”

Officials hope the discussion sets the stage for legislative action to help control drug prices.

Meanwhile, Trinity Health, the parent organization of St. Francis and other Connecticut hospitals has announced it’s joining with other hospital groups to form a not-for-profit to make its own generics, to help contain costs.


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