Erik flies solo taking your computer questions, plus Microsoft to lay off 3,000 workers and World Wrestling Entertainment accidentally exposes personal data of 3 million wrestling fans.

Erik gives advice on avoiding online scams, while listeners share their experiences with online scams. We help a user fix DNS problems, reach Google using OpenDNS, and explain what a Chromebook computer is, and its advantages and limitations.

Learn how to read a hard drive formatted for PC on a Mac computer to transfer music files, and more on protecting your computer from malicious websites using OpenDNS and Malwarebytes after a listener notices suspicious debit card activity. And a listener asks for suggestions for an alternative to Microsoft Office Software.

A developmentally disabled user who uses special picture software to communicate has hard problems. A listener has a solution for the Mac user who needs to read a Windows hard drive to transfer music. A banker discusses certified check fraud online. Changing your homepage and clearing your cache files in Mozilla Firefox to fix a browser hijack. Questions about processing power of HP Envy computer. Finding printer driver software that works with Windows 10. Is a Quicken software update legitimate?


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