MONTVILLE, Conn. (AP) – Police in Montville have arrested the owner of a small diner in town after allegedly finding eight pounds of marijuana inside the business.

Police tell The Day ( ) that 39-year-old Melanie Lamperelli, owner of Mel’s Diner, was charged Monday with multiple marijuana possession offenses and second-degree reckless endangerment.

The investigation started March 30 after a neighbor called police to report an open door at the eatery and responding officers found some marijuana.

The department obtained a search warrant and found more marijuana stored in mason jars and lasagna trays.

Lamperelli told police the marijuana was for personal use and she was not selling it.

She said she smokes marijuana for unspecified medical issues.

Health officials inspected the restaurant and allowed it to stay open.

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  1. This poor guy gets caught, and 1,000s just like him go on without problem. Just another round in the stupid game of cannabis whack-a-mole. More gross waste of police and court resources all billed to the taxpayer.

    It’s absolutely clear that Cannabis is in wide general use throughout the United States. Whether or not cannabis is legal does not seem to make much of a difference regarding popularity and consumption. It’s perfectly clear that cannabis is much safer than booze. The only open question is who will profit from the sales of cannabis, organized crime and criminals, or legitimate business with regulation and Taxation?

    The FBI estimates:

    * 100 BILLION dollars in illegal recreational cannabis sales every year here in the United States.

    * Another 30 BILLION is lost in potential tax revenue.

    * Another 15 BILLION is wasted on the capture and persecution simple cannabis consumers.

    Legalization solves all these issues and puts organized crime out of the cannabis business.

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