(CBS Connecticut) – Drugged driving is on the rise nationally, and perhaps even more so in Connecticut– so says AAA, based on a new analysis of data.

A report released last week by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association revealed, nationally, that 43 percent of drivers who died in a crash and were tested for drugs, tested positive.  Analysis of that same data by AAA in greater Hartford, reveals that 63 percent of Connecticut drivers who died and were tested for drugs, tested positive.

“AAA has been keenly aware of the drugged driving problem for some time and, as a National organization, we have been holding Drugged Driving Summits across the country – including here in Connecticut – to help educate our lawmakers, law enforcement and traffic safety partners about this life-threatening issue”  said Amy Parmenter, AAA spokesperson. “Unfortunately, we now have statistics that underscore the importance of this work and every indication that there is much more work to be done moving forward”.

The drugs tests referred to in the GHSA report included both legal and illegal drugs considered to be impairing.  The data analyzed by GHSA was NHTSA’s FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System) data of drivers killed in crashes in 2015.

  1. Fox Scully says:

    The rate went up when Trump was elected. People are trying to escape that horrible reality. Lol

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