(CBS Connecticut) — On the witness stand for a second day today, a Middletown man accused of throwing his son off the Arrigoni Bridge testified that the boy moved in his arm, and accidentally slipped off the bridge railing.

“He moved… He tried to straighten out his body… Little kids that just don’t want to sit anymore, they try and slide off your lap or something,” Moreno said. “He slipped.  [He went] into the water.”

“I just kind of panicked and shut down briefly… I started freaking out,” Moreno said. “I had dropped to the ground and I was having a little difficulty breathing.  I couldn’t make sense of what just happened.

“I started walking away and looking out into the water,” Moreno said. “I  heard everybody yelling.  I jumped into the water.

Moreno said he remembers hitting the water, but only remembers about a minute after that.

But on cross-examination, States Attorney Peter McShane brought up a statement Moreno made at the hospital after the incident.

“Didn’t you tell Dr. Solomon that was the plan? The plan was for you to take your life, and your son Aaden’s life?” McShane asked.

“I don’t recall everything I said,” Moreno responded.

Moreno testified that he intended to only kill himself at the bridge.

The state’s attorney questioned why Moreno took the baby to the bridge, if the Middletown man only intended to kill himself.

The state also pointed to text messages Moreno sent taunting the baby’s mother within minutes of the child’s death.


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