So last week I took some time off from work and headed to Lake George for the annual Adirondack Balloon Festival. It was a great long weekend and got me thinking about getting this blog going. If you have never heard of the Adirondack Balloon Festival, it is a great event and worth a visit.

The weekend was packed with things to do and plenty of electronics to go around. With three kids, that means three Kindles, headphones, charging cables and misc. accessories they wanted. Cameras so the boys and mom and dad can take pictures. Chargers for smart watches, phones and fitness trackers and on and on and on.

But I thought of something interesting on the trip. Looking forward through the past.

What do I mean by that? Technology may have changed over the generations but is that a bad thing? The kids ALL had cameras with them. They each had their Amazon Kindles. This allowed them to take pictures of what they found interesting and wanted to remember in the future to show their children or even their friends and family members that did not tag along for the trip. It gave them freedom and most of all responsibility.

If you think back when we were younger and traveling the pictures that we look at might bring back some memories, but not specifically our memories, as they were most likely taken by our parents.

So for this trip I let the kids don their Kindles, much to mom’s dismay. I even went out and did the crazy thing of getting a selfie stick! Hey, why can’t dad have some fun also? I got it at 5-Below for a couple bucks, and it was worth every penny.  And a majority of the time, it was the only way to get them to smile for a picture.  

ballom festival Its Their Vacation Too

Sometimes technology and screen time might be the most challenging thing to deal with as a parent in this generation. But you can embrace it and use it for some out of the box creativity.

Also, just because they are kids, don’t skimp too much on a camera. Do you think they really want to look at pictures on a crummy screen, so out of focus that you don’t know if they were taking a picture of the trees or their siblings head? It is worth spending a couple extra dollars on a camera they are going to enjoy and want to use to capture moments. Plus it is most likely going to be digital, so no worries on expensive film!

I have a couple of recommendations below.

A camera for the youngsters means you don’t have to let them use yours to take pictures of things they want to, just let it happen. There will be no more worrying about them dropping your brand new DSLR, let them capture their own memories and enjoy the trip in their own way.


Photo Courtesy of VTech

Photo Courtesy of VTech- Kidizoom® Camera Pix™


Great for the real young guys, the VTech Kidizoom® Camera Pix™ can take a dropping and keep going.







Image courtesy of Kodak- FZ43 Friendly Zoom

Image courtesy of Kodak- FZ43 Friendly Zoom

The FZ43 is the perfect camera to take anywhere you go. AA Batteries for easy changes and it also handles 720p Video recording.






sony w800 Its Their Vacation Too

Image Courtesy of Sony- W800 Compact Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

With Multiple shooting modes, filters, effects and a dedicated movie button (720p) and Panorama shooting, you can let your little one’s inner photog take over with the W800.






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