by Rob Joyce

The Red Sox are heating up at the right time. Riding an 11-game win streak, Boston has clinched a postseason berth and has the AL East all but wrapped up. As the wins have piled up, the attention to a season-long event has grown. All season long after every win, the outfielders – predominantly Jackie Bradley Jr., Mookie Betts and whomever is playing left field – join together and do a dance. The hashtag #WinDanceRepeat has grown in popularity, and the teammates are getting more creative.

The dances usually last less than four seconds, but they are starting to get really creative. Here’s the best of what the Sox outfielders have put forth so far:

5) Chris Young’s “Stanky Legg”:

The Stanky Legg was a 2008 fad from the GS Boyz, and has gone the way of the Dougie, Booty Dew and every other dance move. But Chris Young bringing it back a few weeks ago, even for a brief second, was magical.

4) Mookie Betts’ “Sugar Hill Gang”:

Earlier this week Betts said he pulled out the classic move as a reference to the movie Drumline. I guess he missed the memo that this is originated from the Sugar Hill Gang’s classic song “Apache”… thus Mookie gets docked a few.

3) Jackie Bradley Jr.’s “Ski jump”:

Every dancer has their go-to move, no matter how good or bad it is. In Bradley’s case, the ski jump is his old reliable, as he’s done this multiple times in recent weeks. Bonus points for creativity. On a dance floor you can’t pull this out, but for a three second celebration it’s perfect.

2) Andrew Benintendi’s “King of Pop”:

The rookie is creating excitement in Boston because he can hit, run, field and has a great head of hair. But the youngster also has moves! In one of the first times he got to be the “focal point” of WinDanceRepeat, he pulled out his slickest Michael Jackson impersonation. If this baseball thing doesn’t work out, may I suggest a shot on Dancing with the Stars?

1) Mookie Betts does “The Carlton”:

It’s a rule of life – everything is better with the Carlton. The move made famous by Alfonso Ribeiro’s lovable character on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is equal parts nostalgic, nerdy and awesome. Betts said he got some recommendations to pull that out. Whoever that group of people is, kudos.


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