(TORRINGTON,Conn./CBS Connecticut)  –  Torrington Police have arrested a 66 year old North Carolina woman who had been  circling  in front of the police department with a gun  Thursday night.

According to police   Elaine  Rothenberg, who was staying in Torrington for a few weeks  asked two civilians if they were cops.They were able to get away without incident.

Rothenberg then stood in the doorway where police  enter and exit and stood and raised  the handgun in a shooting stance.Rothenberg yelled about hating cops  and  asked if they were going to shoot her and if they were scared.

Police say Rothenberg then raised the gun and pointed it at officers  yelling “boom,boom,boom”. After a brief standoff it was determined the gun was  a BB gun which Rothenberg purchased because she thought it looked real.

Rothenberg is   charged with  Breach of Peace, Threatening ,7 counts of Reckless Endangerment  and Interfering with Police. She is being held on  a police set bond.


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