By Ray Dunaway

Remain calm! All is well!

Veterans are having trouble accessing medical help at the VA, thousands of children from Central America are streaming across our Southern border, evidence continues to mount that the IRS was harassing conservative groups, and Iraq has devolved into chaos.

Oh- it seems the inflation rate is beginning to climb. And then there’s the whole Ukraine where Putin has shut off the pipeline that carries natural gas to that nation.

But not to worry, Secretary Of State Kerry has set aside these minor annoyances to focus his considerable intellect on the BIG ISSUE.
“Our Ocean”

For the past couple of days, Kerry has hosted a conference attended by luminaries from all over the world in an effort to “save our ocean”. Actually, there are some problems such as overfishing, that do threaten aquatic life and therefore our food supply. So, later this week, if not today, the President will use the most powerful pen on Earth to sign an order expanding a protected zone in the Pacific tenfold, although I would think that the U.S. has limited sovereignty over international waters.

But it’s the thought that counts.

Naturally the level of intellect is intoxicating. Among the notable scientists attending the conference is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Need I say more?

Among the tweets advising followers details of some of the discussions was the following:

“Without oceans, we are in serious trouble”

And of course, we know the evil Koch Brothers are scheming even now to drain the 7 Seas, which would seriously affect weekends on Long island Sound.

And who would know more about oceanography than the star of “The Titanic”? (Spoiler: he drowns at the end)

Also taking in part of the discussion was Bill Nye, The Science Guy. Though he’s actually a mechanical engineer by training, he has been on tv, so who better qualified to “save our ocean”?

And even the VA has joined the cause. In a tweet several days ago, the government’s second largest department set aside minor concerns to tweet the following:

“Our ocean is under threat. Join people all over the world and make a difference. #OurOcean2014”

It’s all about priorities.


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