By Ray Dunaway

Put the Profiles In Courage Awards on hold. We have a late entry. Governor Dannel (just call me “Dan” until the election) vetoed an education bill that would have banished chocolate milk from school menus.

The legislature enacted the ban in order to address the issue of childhood obesity, and the potential for over consumption of sodium. It seems that chocolate milk contains some salt, and so to avoid raising a generation of hypertensive kids, the drink had to go. Sure milk is rich in calcium, and the chocolate flavoring boosts its appeal, thereby increasing consumption, but the legislature carefully weighed the costs and the benefits of a diet containing chocolate milk, and chose osteoporosis over obesity. The Governor looked at the data and chose the exact opposite. A rare display of common sense. And as he stated; “I like chocolate. I like milk. I like chocolate milk”, demonstrating his knowledge of chemistry and the culinary arts.

But there’s another benefit from this veto.

Politically, he put his likely Republican opponent, Tom Foley in a difficult position. If the Ambassador sides with the Governor, he can be accused of being “Malloy-light”. If he comes out against chocolate milk, he’ll pay at the ballot box.

Imagine the broadcast ads…

“Tom Foley hates chocolate milk. What’s next on his radical agenda? Puppies? Kittens? Seniors? Call Tom Foley at 555-1212 and tell him that his right-wing, chocolate- milk- hating ideas aren’t right for Connecticut.”

I will admit that this bold move has influenced me. Never mind the record tax increases, stagnant job growth, and an overall sluggish economy which mark his first term.

He had me at chocolate milk.

Now, what does Johnathan Pelto have to say?

On a final note, the Department Of Revenue Services reports that tax revenues on the sale of alcoholic beverages has grown substantially over the past decade.

Is anyone surprised?


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