By Ray Dunaway

And here we go again. Fifth verse, same as the first. Having failed to address the near-record lows in workforce participation, Ukraine, Syria, tepid economic growth, and the declining fortunes of the Middle class, the Obama administration will now turn its attention to global warming/climate change/climate disruption with the release of the National Climate Assessment Report. Cable and network newsreaders will be all over it for the next several days in hopes that you and I will fall to our knees and beg our “betters’ to force us to diminish our carbon footprint.

You will notice that all of these projections will be based upon the latest computer models (which have been wrong for 25 years simply because their creators can’t account for the myriad factors that affect climate- you know, little things- like the sun). You’ll notice lots of “mays”, “coulds”, and other weasel words. Additionally, most of the effects will come to pass somewhere in the distant future; close enough to scare, too far away in time to be checked.

I’m not going to bother arguing. The discussion has become tiresome, and if the public wants to believe these fables, let them suffer the consequences. But it will turn out that costs of the proposed cure will far outweigh the imagined ‘benefits’.

In the mid 80’s, I was a believer. But as time went by, and as I examined the evidence, I eventually became an apostate- a lapsed “warmist”, so to speak.

Sadly, there’s a lot of money to be made in promoting this religion, and that is why this report will be accepted without question.

It has nothing to do with saving polar bears, or the Earth for that matter.

Forgive me, Father Al! For I have sinned.

Now pass the collection plate.


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