HARTFORD (CBS Connecticut) — A new Connecticut bill would ban daycare centers from serving whole milk to children that are in their care.

The bill, called An Act Concerning Nutrition Standards For Child Care Settings, wants to set standards in an effort to battle childhood obesity.

“No child day care center, group day care home or family day care home shall provide milk with a milk fat content greater than one per cent to any child two years of age or older under the care of such facility unless milk with a higher milk fat content is medically required for an individual child, as documented by such child’s medical provider,” the bill states.

Higher percentage milk would only be served if the child has a medical need.

Some parents were not happy about the proposed bill.

“It makes no sense,” Deb Boucher told WFSB-TV. “I mean, that’s a parent’s choice. The daycare, nor should the government, decide for us what percent milk fat we give our children.”

Boucher continued: “If I had an obese child as a parent, I would not give my child whole milk. But, I don’t want the state legislature to decide for me.”

The bill would also ban daycare centers from giving children beverages with artificial sweeteners or provide juice to children under the age of 8 months.

The bill got a favorable report and has been tabled for the calendar.

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