By Ray Dunaway

I’m tired of politics.
Yesterday, the President and Vice President took a bow at the White House as Obamacare reached its target of 7 million sign-ups.  Actually, I’m understating.  As Jay Carney elaborated, a grand total of 7 million, 41 thousand lucky Americans chose a policy through the various state exchanges (I think they were included in the body count) and  Looks like “pajama boy” is due a bonus.  If they like their policy, let’s hope they can keep it. Seeing as how problems exist in the payment system, and it’s very possible that there may be duplication involved, the number might need to be changed a bit.  But who cares?  We enrolled 7 MILLION, 41 FREAKING THOUSAND!!!!! HOPE AND CHANGE BABY!!!!!
I still wonder at how they arrived at the number. I suspect the conversation went something like this:
“How many have signed up as of today?”
“We’re really not sure”
Ok.  What was our goal?”
“7 Million, Sir”
“But just last week we toned down the expectation, and claimed 6 million would be just as wonderful”
“Yeah, but if we claim 7 million, won’t that seem a little phony?”
“Yeah, you’re right. 7 Million is not specific enough. Let’s make it appear more authentic. How about 7 million, two hundred and 51?”
“Better yet, let’s claim 7 million, 450 thousand.”
“Too high, no way a million- something folks signed up in 24 hours”
“Ok, let’s tone it down: Get this number to Jay. 7 million, 41 thousand sign ups since enrollment began”

On an unrelated topic, the Buffalo Bills are holding a memorial service for the late Ralph Wilson, the team’s owner at the teams indoor practice facility.  In an open letter to fans, Bills officials asked those attending not to tailgate.


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