Juvenile Charged With “Swatting” To Call Out Madison Police

(CBS Connecticut) — A Long Island teenager is chaged with the increasingly common practice known as “swatting,”  in which fake distress calls are placed to first-responders,  disguising the phone number to make it appear as if it is coming from the home of the purported victim.  Because it can result in assignment of a SWAT team (Special Weapons And Tactics) the practice has come to be known as “swatting.”

Madison police were called to three separate incidents between January 5 and January 23rd,   in which it was reported that a violent crime was being committed.

Police say they issued search and seizure warrants for telephone and internet records,  and determined that the source of the call was a juvenile on Long Island. The juvenile is charged with three counts of falsely reporting an incident and three counts of harassment.

Authorities warn that swatting, sometimes conducted as a prank,  sometimes for revenge,  is dangerous,  and puts both police and the public in danger.


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