(THOMPSON,Conn./CBS Connecticut)  –  A husband , wife and step son  have been arrested  after State Police  executed a search and seizure warrant  at their home on Wilsonville Road  in Thompson  Tuesday.

Two separate  grow operations were found in the house  at 36 Wilsonville Road along with 36 high grade  marijuana plants.The operation consisted of  high capacity lights,ballasts  and a watering and ventilation system.

About a half pound  of high grade  marijuana , 11 long  guns, 10 handguns  and one AK-47 semi-automatic rifle , 2 SKS semi -automatic rifles  and an unregistered Stag Arms  AR-15  assault rifle were seized.

58 year old Scott Hurd,55 year ood Christine Hurd and 29 year old  Jonathan Hilton were arrested for Possession of Marijuana and Cultivation of Marijuana. Scott Hurd was also charged with Possession of an Assault Weapon. All  three were  released on $25,000 and are due  in court  April 1.


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