I said yesterday I want it to go away.  I don’t want to have to comment on it anymore.  We’re all weary of it and just want, well, “You know who”, to accept the penalty and see if, at age 40, he still has the tools to be a productive Major League Baseball player without using “You know what”.  We all know who the primary culprit in the Major League Baseball “You know which” scandal is, the guy at the top, trying to make us forget his head turning, turnstile spinning attitude toward it all, and that is a legacy he’s going to have to live with long into his, good riddance, retirement.  Enough said, I’ve said it all before, but it won’t seem to go away, every day another story, every day another angle begging to be commented on.  But I won’t, I won’t, I said enough and enough said.

You know what I’d really like to see?  A new media approach to the college football and basketball players who leave school early to enter the professional draft of their choice.  By now we all know what the game is, we all know what the approach to academics versus athletics is, we all know which side of the student-athlete equation most of the athlete-students stand on.  It would take up much less of our time just to report who’s staying in school, who’s actually interested in getting a degree.  By the way, four more football players from top ten programs announced yesterday.  I think you know which way they’re going.

Fox has the broadcast rights to Super Bowl XLVIII, the first one to be played in a cold weather climate, with the Old Farmers Almanac standing by it’s long standing prediction that a Nor’easter will be zeroing in on the region surrounding Met Life Stadium on February 2nd.  Fox is getting ready for it.  One of the telecast innovations they’ll be trying out at the NFC Championship Game in Seattle on Sunday is an infrared camera that focuses on the players changing body temperatures.  They also claim to have a device, they have yet to give the details on, that will supposedly show the wind effects on quarterbacks and kickers.  I read in a journal somewhere that head on winds may actually effect the distance of passes and kicks while side winds may effect their direction and accuracy, but we’ll have to wait until we get Fox’s more scientific reading before we know if that’s accurate.  Accuweather, by the way, says 35 degrees with a chance of snow.

I’ll gladly comment on the instructions issued to soccer officials in North and Central America and the Carribean on how to deal with racist behavior from crowds.  Referees are instructed to stop a game in the event of racial chants or insults and call for an announcement that games will be suspended until the behavior ends.  If it continues they can send the players to their locker rooms and make a second announcement at which point they will have the discretionary power to abandon the match.  I like it.

Doing everything I can to avoid another comment from the sports world on “You know who” and “You know what”, I’m Scott Gray.


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